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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

KVPA Plant Acquisition Event No 8 (#PAE8)

PAE8 Organizing Team


Time: 8.30am - 11.00am
Date: 2nd July 2022 (Saturday)

Location / VenueThe venue will be at the public carpark in Lorong Setiabistari 2, (same venue as PEE6)

Near the KL Italian restaurant
by the name of Via Pre
Via Pre,
25, Lorong Setiabistari 2,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Here are the collection of all the pictures taken and compiled together from the KVPA fb group for your viewing pleasure. Thank you so much each one of you - for your support and contribution for making this event a success. Also thanks to Elvin & also to the vendors for the pictures - in making this compilation possible.

Prof. Chan Eng Heng


Another PAE concluded, adding further credibility to KVPA as a gardening group that brings joy and togetherness to home gardeners by creating a platform for them to sell, buy, exchange and gift their home-grown plants.

I was very happy to see PAE8 go so well and I saw many happy faces that day.
In James David 's words to me,
"the event went perfectly fine on our part. Let us celebrate the victory."

This victory belongs to all who attended the event. To all who have dedicated so much time and care to present their plants at the event. And to all who came simply to grace the event and to acquire more plants for their gardens.
Thank you, thank you!

My deepest gratitude goes to James for playing such a big role in organizing PAE8. He has brought in new ideas to lessen our work as the organizers. We have gone through a lot as a two person team to bring PAE8 to you. Countless conversations through watsapp and phone calls and we never failed to resolve issues that arose. James, what we have gone through in PAE8 affirms how well we can work together. KVPA is blessed to have you!

Elvin Loh and YC Meng , judges for our competitions. I know it was not an easy job. I was so pleased you both told me it was such a fun and happy task for you. Thank you for taking on the task and for bringing forth the lovely winners for our two competitions.
Elvin, another tribute to you for being our official photographer. Your photos capture the essence and all the wonderful moments of PAE8 for us all to cherish and enjoy as we look back in the years to come.
I do not know who to thank for the use of our venue. Let us pray and hope we can continue to use it for our many future PAE events.

The Universe has been kind to us in giving us fine weather throughout the morning. I hereby express my gratitude and appreciation.

A little apology from me. I was a little bit of a zombie at the event because I had no sleep the night before. At times I felt myself swaying. A friend said he came by to say hello and i had no recall of it! Now I do not know how much wrong change I might have given to those who came to my booth.
Everyone who attended the event will be requested to fill up a google form as before. I request prompt responses so that I can tie up the string to PAE8 without too much hassle. Thanking all in advance for this last task in PAE8.

PAE9 will take place in three months' time. Let us all continue to garden and love Mother Earth. Nurture our soils and our soil will nurture our plants. Our plants will in turn nurture us. What a wonderful cycle it is!
On A Personal Note:

I did it again! Added 10 more plants to my collection.
Bought one (serai Acheh), requested for 2 as free plants (Chaya and turmeric) and 7 were brought to my booth and offered to me as gifts. I was so very touched as some of these were pretty rare plants, usually not offered as gifts. Thank you so very much. You know who you are. Am going to feed them all with bio-sol.

I sold a few plants too and would like to add a word of thanks to my buyers.
I would not have been able to manage my booth if my good friend Pn Sri Puspawathy Subramaniam had not been there to help me. Thank you so much dear Pushpa. You really saved my day.

About 40 attendees came to my booth to collect free samples of Bio-sol, Magic Bloom, Super EM and organic pesticides. Please try them out soon as we will be requesting for feedback on the products one month from now.

Many of you bought Bio-Sol and the residue nuggets from me. Thank you!
These products are super-charged with microbes and are very good for your plants. Please join the Bio-Sol Users Group to provide feedback on your experiences with these products and also learn how you can expand their use in making JMS (Jadam Microbial Solution), etc.

Here is the link to the group:

Our judges gave my vendor board a placement.
Thank you. I went from nothing in PAE7 to 3rd place.
Who knows, maybe first place in PAE9?
Hahaha, time will tell .

I must not forget my partner-in-crime James David who has done such a splendid job for the event, and all KVPA members who have contributed to the success of PAE8.

Till we meet again, be safe everyone and happy gardening always!

James David


It has been an amazing month for both of us organizers Chan Eng Heng and myself,
been slowly getting things organized for this particular PAE8.
Most of our discussions were done through the phone and I must say we had been a best of a team trying to solve most of our difficult problems.

Some problems even took days to resolve, also we were trying our best to remain as professional as possible at most of the problems we had recently faced.

I felt taking it easy, nice n slowly. There have been some hiccups especially with new changes.
Vendors Registration fees that have been collected for the purchase of the Contest Prizes.
We managed to get the best deal out it and maximize it so at least everyone can enjoy the sweet memories of PAE8. We felt its better this way than pressing the people for sponsorship and donations.

Followed by a new method where only one Main Picture used as Main post and all sale details forwarded inside comment section which created a very good system of control n easy check n balance. Easy for the vendors to add their own pictures and not much supervision needed on the approval section.

I was so glad that everyone helped this out and the KVPA page was not flooded with individual sale pictures posting which FB have the tendency to overload the system when too many pictures are posted in one posting.
Each PAE is unique and different, however I truly enjoyed this Event.
Also so amazed to see how we all enjoyed trading, exchanging and gifting away plants.
All the happy faces and the Joy of Plant Shopping - Just love the feeling and expression - seeing that in everyone faces.
I tried my best meeting each of you personally and say hello to you. Sorry if I have missed your booth - Hopefully you had an enjoyable time.
If you are first time here, I really hope you felt welcome and enjoyed our morning Event.
There were many new vendors this time around, hopefully you had a successful sales too.
I'm also glad to meet some of seasoned vendors who faithfully supported most of the KVPA Events.
Thank you so much for all your support and encouragements. I take this opportunity too for those who have generously gifted me free plants giveaways which I truly appreciate.

It really made feel like having Christmas
and opening the Presents..
Everything I see... I feel like..
"I want.. I want.. I want.. "

Thank you everybody for making this event a successful one.
Personally, I would like to thank and acknowledge Elvin Loh and YC Meng for volunteering as judges. Also being our best photographer that helped us through in all our Events.

I want to congratulate our 5 Winners who made our Event looking cheerful, colorful, bright and beautiful. Indeed you made a beautiful and a memorable day for us in KVPA!

I also want to thank everyone who took the trouble and effort to make a beautiful collage for the Board Contest and dressed up for the Event. Some of the pieces were truly beautiful and unique.
Also, thank you all of you who truly gave generously gifting plants and garden stuff joyfully.

I truly saw the spirit of KVPA of sharing and giving garden plants - as in the heart of a true gardener.
Thank you so much for sharing your Joys and Love for Plants & Gardening. I would like to thank some of you who took the trouble to call and encourage me in giving me a moral support. I truly appreciate it very much.

We the organizers will be taking a 3 months break - ideally a very good time to give a nice break for plants to recover and grow in the next stage for propagation.
We had a beautiful weather and we had started and finished on time smoothly without any problems.

For those who missed out, Hope to catch up with you on the next PAE9!
We organizers will try our best to make a better one, striving to improve ourselves at each new PAE.
Till then, Let's continue to Garden - Grow and Nurture, as we always do our best in keeping our world a beautiful place.

Thank you and Enjoy KVPA!

Here are the List of Vendors and their PAE8 Code in sequence:
(showing the unique creativity and fond memories for our viewing pleasure)

Elvin Loh
Organizing Team Member


Had a great time. 
Successful event except 1 thing that i would like to point out, some vendors were isolated as they arrived late and parking spaces near main event area were taken by visitors. Hope we can solve this problem and have everyone gather together next event. It'll be much more merrier. 

Sharing some of the gifts and plants I bought, nothing fancy but I'm happy enough. 
Hope they'll live well. Let's meet again @ PAE9!

Curvin CK

I'm so glad to get the opportunity to meet personally Evangeline Lim who was co-vendor with Curvin this time around. Evangeline is the admin/organizer for the Plant Swag FB Group - another fabulous Plant Exchange and Swap group that is dedicated for community garden events.


Faiz Suboh


Siew Kooi


Lee Qingyang


Venetia Khoo


It was my first time joining a PAE event. I really enjoyed the nice plants and the great people that I met. My 2 friends who joined me at the event enjoyed themselves too.

Buyers, thank you for your support. Feel free to check with me on plants care tips. 
Vendors whom I bought the plants from, the plants are doing well.
Thank you James David who answered my questions promptly. 
Thank you professor Chan for organizing this event.


Paulynn Choong


It’s my second time to the event but first time selling. I want to thank Prof Chan Eng Heng and James David for creating this opportunity for me to meet more gardeners and to sell my plants. I was very excited and looking forward to this event ever since I read about the announcement.

I want to say a thousand thanks from the bottom of my heart to those who bought plants from me. Thank you for your support and I’m glad to meet you all. I really appreciate a lot.
I want to say thank you to those who swapped and gifted plants to me. I finally got my ‘wish list’ plant. Oh.. I feel so touch.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to those who adopted the plants from the free plants section. James said he wants to take the whole box. Apologize to those who came and asked but the plants was adopted by others earlier.

Thanks Elvin Loh for the photos. I realized I didn’t took many of it as my phone was hijacked by my girl. See ya in PAE9!


Jenny Lim


Yeo Boon Ping


Aliah Adam


I just wanna say thank you to James and Prof Chan for organizing the event.
It was my first time but it sure will not be my last, I had so much fun.

It was so nice to see familiar faces, and friends that I've been talking with virtually tapi tak pernah dapat jumpa, and even I get to make new plant friends!

Thank you juga to those that bought plants from me, or "singgah / sembang" even tak beli pon, cause I get to borak bout plants with you and even that made my heart so happy.

I'm attaching a few photos that we "sempat" to take at our booth, and 1 photo I "curi" from Elvin .
Thank you again for buying and dropping by.
Sorry that we didn't managed to take picture with each of you

Hope to see you guys at PAE9, and fret not, I'll make sure they'll be more variety of Hoyas available next time. I'm a women on a mission to spread the Hoya love...

Your Hoyahead,

Esther Yew


Salmah Tahir

Geraldine & Salmah Tahir


I had a wonderful time & amazing experience at PAE8. Surely, it won't be my last time.
Thank you miss Geraldine, car-pool with me.
Also, Thank you so much to those who bought plants from me.

Thank you organizers and all you lovely people behind the scene who make this event successful & memorable day.

Appreciate for the gifting plants.
Shout out to Ms. Nesam for your gift apple mango tree, now still deciding where to plant it.
It was nice to meet plant friends (mana yg sempat ) and looking forward to meet again next event.


Yinny Loh


Callie Chan




Nesam Pillay


We arrived at about 7.30am yesterday but all the great lots were taken, waah.. very "rajin" la our gardeners, so just drove and secured the coolest and shadiest corner next la...
which turned to be a blessing.

We had an amazing first time at PAE8, we took some time to set up, my poster kept dislodging and looked different every time.

Elvin and his friend dropped by to take a shot of it but must be God's and beginners blessing that I won first prize for it.

Thank you to photographers and judges, its much appreciated and was so encouraged!
Another surprise was winning 2nd prize for best dressed, although my monstera shirt was fully covered by my green apron, was still chosen to win, I'm so humbled
Thank you again so much. There must be reasons for this too

I didn't manage to move too much as was trying to sell off plants...quite an experience after two years of no direct selling activities! My awesome thanks to all the gardeners whom I bought plants from, for coming to my booth to find me to give me my plants, soooo appreciated.

Overall verdict we had an awesome and amazing time at this successful event!
Managed to sell 50% off plants brought from home, most happening was managed to give away all my 11pots of apple mango seedlings, so delighted and many thanks to all who supported and took them away, wish that the tree you plant will reward you one day.

Thank you so much again to all buyers, sellers, judges, photographers and organizers for their amazing support! More to come for #PAE surely.
Take care and keep well everyone.

Ho Yee Ning


PAE8, a day with so much joy, laughter and sweat.

This is my 4th consecutive participation of KVPA event. I have personally experienced and seen the effort and dedication that the organizers poured in to make these events happen. Not forgetting the volunteers and also our very own event photographer - Elvin!

A big shout out to Kah Hoy Soo that had agreed to co-vendor with me (interestingly, PAE6 brought us together, at this same venue!), Sue Chan, TzinNui and my mum for helping and jaga-ing my booth while I get to busybody around. I really enjoyed the company.

I thought I was the early bird but Joyce, Faiz and Carmille beat me to it.
Nevertheless, I'm grateful to have a nice spot.
To my buyers, thank you for your purchase. I've propagated these plants with much TLC. My plants may not be as perfect as those sold in nurseries and full-time sellers but I've tried my best Feel free to pm me if you need any care tips.

Thank you Chan Eng Heng and James David for bringing us together. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Until we meet for PAE9.

Kah Hoy Soo


Many thanks to the organizers for yesterday's event.
Also a big thank you to Yee Ning, who kindly shared her car boot with me.

Ho Yee Ning & Kah Hoy Soo

Aliah Adam & Ho Yee Ling


Joyce Huang


Erwin Tong


Tan Lian Yek


EM Ang


Candy Chong


First time joining PAE outdoor after PEE3 at the Linc, too bad I am not the early bird who reach there by 7:30-8am to get a shaded car park

It was hot but fun, I got double happiness from selling my plants to clear space and help them to find a good home, at the end got extra bonus for wining the 2nd place for the sign board competition.
Thank you Prof. Chan Eng Heng, James David & Elvin Loh & teams effort to make this happen.

Tini Ishak


First of all, thank you so much to those who bought plants from me. As always, thank you for helping me to clear up some space. (Somehow that empty space get filled very fast )

Thank you organizer Chan Eng Heng and James David for your hard work for this event.
Thank you Elvin for the pictures. I didn't take any single picture that day
Thank you,

Paulynn Choong or the fern.
Yoke Theng Mak and Khor Hui Min for the seedling pots.
Aliah Adam for the Alocasia!

And to those that come and say hi.
Was nice to meet everyone.

Yasmin Masidi


Chris Klemuni


MeiSan Lee


Kian CChin

(pic from PEE6)


Khor Hui Min


Me in a daisy dress and a large hat. I finally remembered to bring a hat this time.
We had nice sunny weather at PAE8 gardening event on Saturday, 2 July 2022. It was a car-booth style event in an open-air carpark. And most of us dressed in clothing with plant motifs in line with the theme, which was something fun to do.

Thanks to Prof. Chan Eng Heng and James David for organizing PAE8. It's one of the events I look forward to.

First & foremost, thanks to everyone who bought plants from me this time. Also, hope the plants gifted by me will flourish in your garden, so you will have beautiful greenery to brighten up your day, every day.

This time I remembered to take photos of my plants when I brought them home. Thank you to everyone I bought plants from and exchanged plants with. Thank you to the generous souls who gifted me beautiful plants too. See you all at the next one.

Thanks to Prof. Chan Eng Heng and James David for organizing PAE8. It's one of the events I look forward to.
First & foremost, thanks to everyone who bought plants from me this time. Also, hope the plants gifted by me will flourish in your garden, so you will have beautiful greenery to brighten up your day, every day.
This time I remembered to take photos of my plants when I brought them home. Thank you to everyone I bought plants from and exchanged plants with. Thank you to the generous souls who gifted me beautiful plants too. See you all at the next one.

Wai Ling Wong


Eileen Gan Khoon Tin


Mymoon Alias

(Salmah & Dr Mymoon)


Lee Hua Goh


Prince Ong Chun How


This is the first time I participate in this PAE8. I had a wonderful time & amazing experience.
Surely, it won't be my last time.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much to Kock Olive & Fendarie Su for helping me.

Thank you organizer and lovely people behind the scene who make this event successful & memorable day. Especially Chan Eng Heng & James David
Appreciate for the gifting plants. Shout out to all gifters, now they are well & survive on my 24th floor balcony.
It was nice to meet plant friends (makcik from Bukit Tugu & Bro from Melaka) and looking forward to meet again next event.


Niewei Wei


Carmille Wong


Lilian Chin Choy Hoong


Philo D'Cruz


The event supposed to be from 8.30 to 11am. 
I thought I'd beat the crowd. So I woke up at 7. Left the house by 7.30..was there by 8.09 am. 
The venue was already full & my car couldn't go in..

Later I found out people were already there from 7am.. 

Anyway, 1st & foremost, I fervently thank James David & Prof. Chan Eng Heng for their dedication & effort in organizing this event. I had a most enjoyable time meeting new members & the old members too. I found a neat spot at the U with plenty of shade right next to Callie Chan and Yinny Loh & Yasmin Masidi.

I sold 15 plants. Bought 14 plants. Exchanged 3 plants. 1 more exchange pending. Gifted 2 plants. Rec'd 5 plants gifted by Niewei Wei, Paulynn Choong , Salmah Tahir, & Yeap Yannhong. 

Bless your kind hearts! Thank you all for your generosity. I'm truly blessed!


Yin Meng Teoh & Hoh Choy Har

Hoh Choy Har

#PEE4 to #PAE8 , time flies !
My loot from today's haul. More plants and more plants.
Had a great time with Yin Meng Teoh , Lim Poh Choo. 

After the event we had private tour of Yin Meng's botanical garden. 
Harvested some bunga kantan & Taiwan Ku Kei veggie.

Looking forward for the next event.
Thank you to Prof Chan Eng Heng & James David and all committees.


Tho Laicheng



Our competitions, winners and the persons behind it all.

Vendor Board
1st Prize : Nesam Pillay
2nd Prize : Candy Chong
3rd Prize : Chan Eng Heng

Best Dressed
1st Prize : Jenny Lim
2nd Prize : Nesam
3rd Prize : Chris Klemuni

Congrats to all!
Judges : Elvin Loh and YC Meng
Prizes : James David

A big thank you to all winners, judges and James for bringing more fun and color to PAE8.
Thanks to all vendors who paid RM5 each for us to buy all the prizes.


These are some of the collection of pictures taken in groups and in the crowd who came for the Event that morning. Eventually everyone wrapped out and left the premises by 11.30-12.00pm. It was a beautiful day for Plant lovers and Gardeners alike.

Our traditional picture taken religiously in each passing PAE Events with Yinny Loh together.

Survey Details 


1. Participation

We received 60 responses this time, but we know there were definitely more than 60 who attended the event. 5 vendors failed to fill up the form in spite of the reminders I posted. One respondent remained anonymous. I think next time, we may require attendees to fill up a registration form as they enter the event venue. This is the only way we can get a true indication of the level of participation.

2. The Statistics.
The data is not 100% accurate. We can only present what event participants have submitted. Hence do note that the figures are under-reported. 

A total of 1,684 plants exchanged hands. 935 were sold and 663 were gifted. 86 were exchanged. Our top gifters were Erwin Tong , Wai Ling Wong and James David . 
Much thanks for your generosity!

Vendors went home with a grand total of RM6520. Top sellers were Erwin, Jenny Lim and Joyce Huang.

3. Satisfaction Level.
96.6% of the respondents gave us a high rating of 4 or 5 over 5. Only 2 were less satisfied. We will try to follow up with them to find out why.

What I have given above is just a summary. You can scrutinize the charts below for more details.  

A big thank you again to all our respondents and to all who attended the event. All in all, PAE8 has been a success and we look forward to organising PAE9.

KVPA aims to encourage and inspire the public to engage in gardening and we do it mainly through the avenue of plant acquisitions.

4) Comments from the survey.
Respondents were requested to provide constructive comments. 

We received 35 comments in total. 
About 50% expressed satisfaction and appreciation. 

There was a suggestion to have the events on a monthly basis and another to provide a toilet. 
Admins are unable to fulfill both. 

We can rent a toilet, but we don't have the funds for it. So make sure you ease yourself before coming for the event 😅.

Most of the other comments were on vendors and parking space. We will be trying something new in PAE9 to address the issues. 

There were several complaints about vendors arriving very late and buyers had to wait a long time for them to arrive. 

Hope these particular vendors will take note and be at the venue when the event starts.
There were some issues related to the payment of fees. Will try to resolve this through a poll.

As admins, we will always strife to run the events smoothly and efficiently, but we realise that we cannot satisfy everyone.

Do click on the Link Below for more detailed write-up post on all the List of Collections of 
PEE1 to PAE10

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