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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Cane Begonia Collection: Jan 2022 Updates (Part 2)


This a continuation of the earlier post where I have managed to cultivate and grow the Cane Begonias successfully without major mishaps. In basic summary these are the pointers that I have learned and managed to keep these Cane Begonias in Cultivation:

1) Grow them on a Table Top instead of Growing them on Ground - due to the factor on rainy days - the ground can be too wet and water can easily seep into the pot causing the medium to be too wet - causing root rot problems.

2) Tight Pot Bound
Growing these Cane Begonias in Tight spaces without over-potting them. These Begonias seemed to love this type of conditions as I often noticed that bigger pots tend to hold to much water in the medium causing root rot. Smaller and tight pots seemed to work best for them.

3) Medium
Changing the Medium only using Coconut Chips & Sand and using Compost at the bottom seemed to have a very success rate on best plant growth in comparison with so many other mediums.

4) Fertilizer
Weekly NPK Foliar Fertilizer works best for them in comparison with so many other types - lacking NPK does create a whole other problems as these can be very hungry plants - lacking food can make the plant revert to faster maturity causing the plant to go dormant and deciduous (dropping all it's leaves)

5) Watering
Watering these sparingly - just keeping them moist but not over watered.

6)  Spare Plants.
Always keep spare plant cuttings - cultivating 2-3 begonia plants separately in a different pot as spares. This is to ensure - just in case the plants suddenly dies and you have a spare plant in your collection. Always consider keeping begonias in 2-3 spare potted plants to avoid heartaches and disappointments when the plant suddenly dies.

7) Ditch the Ones that Failed to Survive after Countless Times.

It a bit of a caution note - of course its much of being prudent and wise to note that regardless what - some begonias will never able to survive in your garden no matter what you tried. They may survive for sometime but eventually never thrive and dies. These sensitive types are best to avoid from repurchasing and introducing them in your garden.

Perhaps it is some wisdom involved to note that if in the collection - when all the begonias are doing so well but just the particular one or two just seemed to be not happening. I had some fair share of those cane begonias of which I love to view and enjoy from afar in nurseries but refrain from purchasing them and introducing them in my garden.

I also noticed that some other gardeners somehow manage to cultivate them in their garden using so many various chemicals and fertilizers to keep them going even included using terrariums to control humidity factors - I for one not so dedicated as those gardeners, I prefer my garden plants to be able to be naturally embedded and open in my garden space without restraint.

Again, I dare not say and list them her on what works and what doesn't due to my lack of experience over them - as I find strangely the ones that many think difficult to cultivate grows easily in my garden space and the ones that many think it is easy and hardy seemed to suffer greatly to grow and thrive.

Hence, I can say, some works best and some don't and it is very much a factor of discovery and wonder in each gardening experience.

Once these have been established - I believe you can cultivate these begonias in long-term basis

Do click on the Link Above ☝

Here is the link where I had put together a list of all the begonias that I had come across. 
A database of all the different types & their characteristics. 
Please click on the link on the title above for the post. 


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