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My Vertical Garden Wall


Friday, July 22, 2022

Kebun Longkang Garden Visit with Professor Chan Eng Heng



The name "Kebun Longkang" literally means "Drain Garden" due to the fact that this particular garden patch is located at a narrow passageway along the monsoon drain inter-connecting to the other side along the residential area. This patch is located at Lorong Setiabistari 3 and connecting to Lorong Setiabistari 1 - this particular walkway appears to be the ideal practical use of cultivated garden work.

However with much care and continuous efforts in cultivating this patch, previously it was riddled with weeds and wild plants.

Another factor to note is there is an art-work composed of the iconic "Turtle" together with a few collections of miniature art pieces and tile-patches resembling houses. 

Dr. Chan is now a retired professor from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. She championed as a turtle conservationist who has been recognized by the United Nations Environment Program for her efforts to protect sea turtles. Also inducted to the UNEP Global 500 Roll of Honour and became a Global 500 Laureate in 2001 and in 2006 she was listed in the UNEP's Who's Who of Women and the Environment. In 2019, she was conferred the ISTS Lifetime Achievement Award.

Currently she is very much into gardening where she spearheaded a community gardening project known as Kebun Longkang and also the main person in behind KVPA - Plant Exchange Event Projects in the Klang Valley regions.

Working and cultivating garden plants can be challenging especially when it comes to tight spaces - indeed, it appears to be a hidden garden where I dare say more likely as a "Secret Pathway Garden."

You will never know who exactly had put the thought and effort in cultivating these garden plants.
Where there is a garden - there is always a gardener.

These unique ornament pieces were put together like an after-thought as one walks a life journey in a pathway to wisdom, as such these little monks are dutifully doing their daily chores - a reflection of life and it's daily challenges on what it offers. One can easily pass this narrow path and miss all these artworks reflecting most if not all life lessons.

There are indeed more to see and reflect upon - however it is very much what you want to see and reflect upon. Indeed there are a lot to see and to be marvel at. And there are a lot more to do and cultivate - you will feel the urge to uproot and clear and put your personal mark in cultivating something to make this spot personal to you. 

Again, however this is my personal thought - and yes, strangely although it was on a mid-day, hot & blazing sun shining right through - here is was as cool like a waterfall by the breeze - I guess it must be the monsoon drain that keeps the humidity regulated and well balanced.

Prof Chan had managed to rope in with some of the residents here creating a community garden patch and was able to cultivate both ornamental and edible plants as well. Basically most the plants appears to be healthy and beautiful. 

A lot of thought have been put in cultivating these plants as they appear to be hardy and not much care is really needed especially when it comes to watering - these are sustained by the natural elements of sun and rain only.

Creeping Figs with the pear like shaped fruit - not edible plant.

A local herb plant commonly known as "Misai Kucing"

Surprised to find this Alocasia Cucullata growing healthy in this tight spot

I must say that it is indeed a work in progress, as we all know - A Garden work is never finished, you will always find something new to add and re-create. The Joy of Gardening is not the completed work rather the journey and the constant progression of the cultivated works in gardening.

I'm pretty sure as the months goes by, these place will appear to be rich and vibrant with life, color and beauty - especially cultivating community garden spaces when you know that there are more than one gardener putting their hands together - the zeal and the love of gardening is always maintained.

1 comment:

Chan said...

Lovely write-up James. Thanks. Callie and I will endeaver to maintain these public spaces as well as we can.

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