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My Vertical Garden Wall


Sunday, June 6, 2021

Cane Begonia Collection - March 2021 Updates


Here are the few types of Cane Begonia Collection:
Begonia ‘Aya’, 
Cane Begonia ‘Maculata wightii’, 
Cane Begonia Hybrid ' Mrs Hashimoto X Maculata wightii, 
Cane Begonia 'Albo-picta', 
Cane Begonia ‘Lucerna’,
 Cane Begonia ‘Torch Red’. 

My focus here is to show their Polka Dot features on their Foliage Structure. 

Some New Information and Updates:

1) Growing Them Together
I find that these do so well grown together instead of placing them apart - somehow these behave very well as community plants - the best is that they look cool and grand when they are grouped together.

2) Less Handled Plants
Like most begonias - these types thrive well when it is treated as See No Touch Plants.
When they are bruised or hard handled - they usually become stressed and stop growing for months, often when the leaves are accidentally folded or crushed the whole leaf tend to turn yellow and dries off - causing distress to the whole plant - Hence, place the plant where there is no traffic or less movement takes place. Even exposed to strong beating on wind or rain water can also damage them.

3) Healthy Cane for Propagation
Do Take Cuttings For Propagation when the Plant is Healthy Not when they are going Dormant or Dying. This is important - Propagation fails when the plant appears to be infected or dying,hence do not take risk when it appears to be too late.

4) Pest Free
The Best part of Cultivating Cane Begonias is unlike Alocasias where they are highly susceptible to spider mite infection when cultivated indoors or even open to fungus attack -Cane Begonia appears to be hardy and Pest Free. However some Rex or Rhizome Begonia may be open for mealy bug infestation due to ants farming on them.

 Apart from this variation.
Other matters are very much similar with the general information about Cane Begonias.

Do click below for more information on Cane Begonias.

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