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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Begonia Listada / The Striped Begonia


Begonia Listada also known as The Striped Begonia is a species Begonia native to Brazil. 

This particular one is very much a small, slow growing compact type begonia with furry dark green foliage with bright light green rib in the center. Also it has the burgundy undertone at back leaf. It does produce tiny pink inflorescence in between the foliage.

Begonia Listada is not a hardy begonia and so care must be given not to overwater them as they behave very much like a succulent plant. Exposed to direct sun and rain may be fatal for this one.

However there are so much history and research done in many begonia society pertaining to this Begonia Listada and highly favoured begonia among collectors as it does have similarities like a Jewel Orchid foliage - almost emerald like undertones with burgundy tiny hair features on the surface - truly this one is highly sought after.

Photo Credit to Dr Rabiatuadawiyah Kari

Plant Care:

Just like most of the Brazil Native Begonias,
Similar like for Soli-mutata and a few others that comes with these characteristics; Begonia Listada is not an easy plant to care for - it is not a hardy type where it can handle overwatering or able to stand directly on open sunlight. The very fact is this one can have burned leaves when over exposed to scorching heat or rotten rootball & rhizome when over watered.

However, just like most furry leaf types - they cannot handle any water droplets being stagnant on the leaf surface and prolonged soaking medium- the right balance of adequate and limited watering and care is given where it humid enough but not to get the foliage wet would be an ideal condition for this begonia to thrive.

Often, it would be an ideal condition to grow this one in a terrarium - very similar like an iron cross begonia. As I mentioned that this is like a Highland Begonia type where it may require cooler night temperature drop and bright indirect but not scorching hot sun during the day and most importantly moist but dry medium to support the root & rhizome from not getting any rot.

These are somehow are very ideal for the temperate climate conditions than the tropical conditions where it is too hot or too wet - exposed to heavy rain. If you have managed to cultivate Iron Cross Begonia - this would another ideal one in that same plant care category.
Usually a lot of the heavy furry foliage types does require these special needs due to the condition they come from where their natural habitat is such for them to grow and thrive.

On the positive note, I had seen few begonia collectors had successfully managed to cultivate and propagated these for exchange and online sales though this may not do well in the open like most hardy begonias but this one fairs better than most furry types.

I wouldn't recommend this particular one to any new beginners are they are not easy to care for and also an expensive plant which can be considered a rare plant than a common one.

Fast Draining - Soil Based

Water only when the Medium is Dry (refrain from watering over the leaves)

I use Foliar Fertilizer - Once a Week with 1/2 Dilution Strength.

Place in Bright Shade area - Ideal like a Balcony Plants.

I realized that these behave very much like a succulent plants - less watering, medium dry before watering and they do not like water on their leaves rather only on the medium.

Also if you had noticed that if the leaves curls inward (umbrella) chances are it is receiving too much water and may be in danger of overwatering and rot - this would be a good sign to stop watering until the medium drains out excess water after few days.
When the leaves curls upwards (cupped) it denotes that the begonia is trying to conserve water droplets / moisture by trapping moisture from the atmosphere as much as possible - hence the furry features on the foliage. It would be good time to lightly water the medium this time around.

Begonia Common Names and Images

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A database of all the different types & their characteristics. 
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