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My Vertical Garden Wall


Sunday, June 20, 2021

Begonia 'Red Planet'

Photo Credit to Dr Rabiatuadawiyah Kari


Begonia 'Red Planet' is a hybrid begonia appearing to have the red blotches on green background foliage surface. This particular rhizome begonia has compact miniature growth where the leaves are very much in oval shape. It does some plant structure with similar appearance like Tiger Paws especially the petiole and the rhizome structure.

Chances are the Begonia 'Red Planet' was named after Planet Mars where the foliage appearance may have similar characteristics with this planet. Some cultivars have a very brilliant red dot at the center by the petiole. These may change its colorations into more deeper maroon where it receive cooler temperature drop at night with bright light during the day - ideal for temperate garden conditions.

Some plant vendors labelled it as Mysterious Begonia Red Planet - not knowing whether its an adjective or a noun used for the added mystery or a play of lavish words for a marketing strategy for sale purpose. Also sometimes identified as Eyelash Begonia 'Red Planet'

Also it have very similar appearance with another begonia known as Begonia strigillosa where it appears to be a rhizomatous species native to Mexico and Central America. Begonia 'Red Planet' may be a hybrid from one of this parent plant.


Plant Care is very similar like most Rhizome Begonia Care & Cultivation Needs. This depends in different garden or indoor conditions - its all depending on getting the right balanced conditions.

Fast Draining - Soil Based / Sometimes Sphagnum Moss with Perlite is used.

Water only when the Medium is Dry

Foliar Fertilizer - Once a Week with 1/2 Dilution Strength. / Osmocote

Place in Bright Shade area - Ideal like a Balcony Plants.


Begonia Common Names and Images

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