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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Begonia Cleopatrae

Photo Credit to Dr Rabiatuadawiyah Kari 


Begonia Cleopatrae also labelled as Begonia Cleopatra is considered a native Begonia species from Philippines, specifically from Palawan Island. There is not much reliable information concerning this begonia and often misidentified as Maple Leaf Begonia as these foliage appears to grow in dense formation and in miniature form.

Also this one have similar characteristics with other hardy rhizome begonias especially like the Black Velvet Hybrid types with green patches and coloration. Hence the confusion in care is often mixed up with this one. Black Velvet Types does have Maple Leaf foliage shape and these types are much hardier and easy to care for in comparison with Begonia Cleopatrae even though both look almost alike.

Other mis-identified begonias with other begonias such as Begonia Tiger Paws, Begonia Chivalry, Begonia U578, Star Begonia heracleifolia and Begonia - Mazae F Nigricans.

Adding to the similar characteristics it is more safer to note it identify this rhizome begonia as a sensitive plant and have very close similarity features with Begonia Listada especially the colorations and foliage appearance and plant care needs. However due to its tropical heritage it has slightly more tolerable than temperate types.

This particular one is very much a small, slow growing compact type leathery leaved begonia with dark burgundy with light green patches at the center and leaf edges. It does produce tiny pink inflorescence in between the foliage. This Begonia is not a hardy begonia and so care must be given not to overwater them as they behave very much like a succulent plant. Exposed to direct sun and rain may be fatal for this one.

These foliage are more oval shaped with slight frill formation at the leaf edges and never have any lobes or maple like leaf shape formation.

Plant Care:

Naturally these grow on higher grounds in the heavy thick growth in between rock cervicals and upon cliff edges with heavy loose leaf droppings, heavily shaded with constant balance moisture around the surrounding. Hence these are only found in the wild - cultivation and introduction towards bringing this into an acclimate state to a garden conditions may prove highly challenging. Perhaps it may be more ideal if this is been cultivated in a terrarium conditions but more research on this matter is yet to be done and discovered.

I wouldn't recommend this particular one to any new beginners are they are not easy to care for and also an expensive plant which can be considered a rare plant than a common one.

Fast Draining - Soil Based / Sometimes grown using Sphagnum Moss

Water only when the Medium is Dry (refrain from watering over the leaves)

Foliar Fertilizer - Once a Week with 1/2 Dilution Strength / Osmocote

Place in Bright Shade area - Ideal like a Terrarium Plant

Begonia Listada in comparison with (Begonia Cleopatrae)

Begonia Listada also known as The Striped Begonia is a species Begonia native to Brazil. 

Begonia Common Names and Images

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A database of all the different types & their characteristics. 
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