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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Cane Begonia - Lucerna

At first, I thought this one is known as Cane Begonia - Lucerna. 
or Corallina de lucerna,

Then I found that it has some similarities with 'Cracklin Rosie' but I realized that it has a darker tones on the foliage. I guess there are so many variants and cultivars that is extremely similar that I just place the closest resembles based on what I had researched and found.

I had also found that the names are so mixed up that I suspect most of the names are actually wrong but I guess - I had surrendered in searching for their ID and more focus in successfully cultivating them - that would be a better part of the deal.

This one had never bloomed in my garden, 
it has the maroon tone under-leaf and somehow have a smaller white specks. 
The green coloration changes based on how much shade it gets.
The greater the shade - the richer the green.

I would consider this one a little bit more fussy compared to other Cane Begonia, as I would say, much difficult to cultivate compared to Cane Begonia 'Bushing Bush' & 'albo-picta'.

These are all the color variations of the same begonia - when it exposed to varies different types of lighting (both shade and bright sunlight) The colors of the foliage tend to morph to so many different coloration that you may consider it a different cultivars.

It is been said that Begonia ‘Lucerna’ is an old classic “Angel Wing Begonia” which was hybridized in 1892 by Wettstein of Lucerne, Switzerland. It was originally called ‘Corallina de Lucerna’. 

It does have grows and spans well in size but may require some slight cold temperate zone for it to grow to it's optimum level - often bloom when grow in highland areas. 

This does prove to be challenging in lowland hot climate but it is not impossible - just a matter of adjusting on the watering regime and handling the humidity level as they don't do well in hot and dry spell.

This is the appearance when the foliage strongly exposed to direct sunlight - it does turn like bronze burned orange red.

This picture is taken from a nursery where I found this particular Cane Begonia is blooming.
Here, I want to show how the inflorescence looks like - more on a dark pink color.

I must mention that not to take granted about these Cane Begonias, especially this one - just when they appear to be looking so robust and healthy and suddenly after checking the whole cane suddenly shed off all the leaves and just barely on it's stem.

Upon further inspecting - I had found that there was a severe root rot at the bottom. Though I had immediately trim them down and replanted the Cane into few cuttings - only one manage to survive the ordeal.

Lesson Learned:

1) Never allow them to grow too long and leggy. It may look majestic but it does come with a heavy price when they suddenly succumb to root rot and die away - Always it happens to all of my Cane Begonias.

So Lesson 1: Keep it Short

2) Another factor is always cultivate the prune stalks - these Cane does well when they are planted fresh and healthy. Once the rot sets in - it is too late to safe anything.

Lesson 2: Always Keep a Spare Plant.

Always - this will save a Gardener's from a Heart Failure - especially having a prize plant and caring for them dearly.

Other matters are very much similar with the general information about Cane Begonias.

Do click below for more information on Cane Begonias.

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