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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Dragon Wing Red Begonia

I had purchased this on Nov 2019 and I thought it was a hardy one - but it was not.

I would consider this particular Cane Begonia as a sensitive type.
I had tried cultivating this one few times and had failed miserably as the cuttings don't seemed to root easily. The mother plant however tend to die back after few months passing the maturity stage.

I would told that this one is very much the highland type and require a colder climate with high humidity. I will try one last try again and see if I'm able to cultivate this again.

The ID seemed elusive and so I'm just labeling it on a very general specification. I had seen some gardeners had successfully cultivated this particular type but unable to establish new plants via cuttings. Just as I have guessed it - these are not easy to root.

These are very showy and generous with their flowers. 
The flowers are blooming non-stop regardless of the condition of the plant.

Their  glossy leaves however do not have any spots nor have maroon under-side.




These pictures are taken from the nursery to show how well they are doing in their best optimal care in the lowland climate. It has a deep red color for it's inflorescence.


After doing some research I had found out that it is actually not a Cane Begonia but a Dragon Wing Red Begonia - it has a close similarities of a Wax Begonia.

This explains a lot why the begonia doesn't grow tall like a Cane type. The plant however had become matured and spend from the original pot. I had to constantly replanted it - placing it in a mop wick system and I had managed to successfully cultivate some of them with new root system together with new branches appearing from the cuttings.

I had also realized that once the branch start dying or rotting - it is already too late to save it. Therefore it is always good to replant them when the plant is healthy and robust.

Feb 2020

I had not have any success with Wax Begonia but with mop wick system - I was able to prolong and cultivate this variety without growing it from seed. It had been already 6 months and I think it had been the longest I had managed to keep them alive - this long.


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