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Friday, December 20, 2019

How to Care & Cultivate Maiden Hair Ferns

This particular fern is known as Maiden Hair Fern (Adiantum Capillis Veneris)
I would consider this one as one of the most difficult ferns to cultivate and yet the most rewarding one.

I have been keeping these for years and these are my updates.
These are the different types of Maiden Hair Ferns:

(small version)

(medium size version)

(big leaf type - version)

(long leaf type - version)

(fan version)

Like most ferns, the Care & Cultivation is almost similar to most fern Allies.


The love high humidity, not too wet & not too dry - the medium in the root ball must be moist wet. Do allow it to dry before watering but check on the condition of your garden. 
If your garden is too dry then water more, if your garden gets wet often, the refrain from over-watering it.
This is a very sensitive type of fern, so proper care is required for this one.

You will notice that the leaf may look burned, withered and limp - almost like paper crisp if it is lacking water. The colors looks lighter than bright brilliant green.

The leaf will show signs of yellowing all over the plant, sometimes with burned edges. Sometimes the whole leaves will fall off if the root-ball is sitting inside the water and the whole thing is rotting.

- Do remove everything and let it dry off a day or wrap the whole root-ball with paper towel as the water is soaked off to the paper towel. Too much soaking root medium can kill this fern.


All ferns prefer indirect bright light. 
It can also do well in full shade but it may take few adjustment around the garden to check and balance to see where it does well. Normally it may require on hanging pot in shaded areas but it does well to on pots placed on ground.


These ferns do very well using organic fertilizers like chicken manure, rice washed water and banana peel. I found that common conventional granule types burns these ferns and will not recommend it - perhaps try it out first in a one single pot with low dosage and observe it.

Also used tea-bags with tea inside it - using it as additional organic fertilizer makes this fern grows well.


It is best to use fast draining medium:
50% Regular potting mix with 50% river sand.
This ensures that the water drain out well as it avoids root-rot if water is stagnant.

I also noticed currently that this particular ferns are planting in sphagnum moss and let it stand on trays of water. I'm not sure if this works for long-term measures as most nurseries are focused in selling off the plants and these are kept for quick sell off and in this condition for short duration.

Do continue to monitor and check as these are very sensitive fern and may burn and die if mistakes were made on this particular one.

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