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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Begonia Collection

Sometimes having too much begonias can be boring, that is having the same species but you will be surprised at the amount of challenges that they throw at you. I had found that some begonia are really hardy and some are really of the sensitive types. I wished I could do more plant profiling here (but again, I wonder I'm repeating myself all over again)

Cane Begonia
I find these are very easy to take care. They are very hardy. When I first got them, I was doubtful that these spotted ones would survive (rescued plants) but eventually once they get their roots deeply established the plant is here to stay.
They have really bright outstanding red flowers that revives the garden. I certainly love this begonia very much.

I bought this one for my mum but she had passed it back to me as it was slowly dying. I tried all my best to revive it and so this is the result (I didn't die on me nor did it really thrived) And so, its a twilight zone of both worlds. Wished it really could pick up. I guess the species is such.
This one too is another 50-50 type. I really thought this one died on me, but I didn't realised that there are some survivor in some hidden pot. And so, here it is, currently it really look so much better than when I first bought it. I really suspect that fertiliser plays an important role for these kind of begonia.

This is my another favourite Cane Begonia.
It can trail up strong and straight all the way to the roof. Somehow after awhile, they tend to rot by the root upward and so, I had to trim the whole bunch and replant them. It would be good to have spare plants (planting them in two pots) just in case if the plant (a pot) dies on you - you still get to keep and replant them.

Martin Mystery Begonia
You can propagate them using cuttings which is faster. Leaf propagating is also possible but its a little slow & unpredictable. They need good & frequent watering or else they wither fast.
Begonia Flower

Finally I have manage to set few pots of these hanging begonias. Water melon begonia.
Oh.. yes, they are not begonia species per say, somehow they do look colourful.


Malar said...

You have beautiful collection of Begonia! They looks so lush and healthy!
I have killed 3 pots of Begonia that i gave up on them! They are expensive too!

Stephanie said...

James, I agree totally on your findings! They can be quite hard to please. That one in the 7th photo (red leave with dots), I bought a similar one (rooted cutting) before but it died on me. But that 'looking glass' is easy right? Some gardeners/homes planted them out in the open. You have a quite a collection. Your first one, green with little dots is pretty!

James David said...

Malar - really?? what type of begonia did you get? Are those the floral tuber type?

Stephanie - the first greendot is my best selection. If you come that across - don't hestitate to get it, they are really fabulous.
The 7th red-dot is not something I would recommend - it look sickly all the time and difficult to propagate as the success rate is very slim.
My curf-leaved begonia dissappeared due to my negligence -they are hardy too & my wax begonia had dried up maturing without any new offsprings. I did manage to collect all those fine-dust seeds though.

Andrea said...

Hi James, congratulations for your beautifully growing begonia. Maybe you have high humidity there which they like. I've seen an orange flowered begonia during my last plant exhibit visit. They maybe not common as it is placed in a pedestal in the garden.

James David said...

Thanks Andrea - somehow I find that the flowering tuberous type are not so successful in my area. I suspect they require a cooler climate.

Malar said...

Just dropping by again to inform you that I have extend you an award. Please feel free to collect it at my blog!

Terra Mirabilis said...

Hi, James. I love my begonias, too. I'm amazed at the enormous variety. Do you grow your cane begonias in shade? I'm trying to figure out the light that suits them best. And you're right about leaf cuttings; I get about one to root for every dozen I try.

-- Penny

Jacqueline said...

Lovely collection of begonias and so well-cared, James! I've planted the Cane Begonias before but gave up when I find them too demanding...requires regular trimming to avoid legginess and stems need support to prevent from flopping, plus sensitive to overwatering.

James David said...

Terra - all of my begonias are in shade. They tend to bloom in partial shade but gets burned when placed in full sun.

Jacq - I'm very surprised coz I find these begonias seemed to be needing any care at all,(no whiteflies, mealybug, no snail/slug damaged leaves) at most - I reset them like 6 months to a year when they overgrow the pot or grow way too long. If you plan to try them again, try keeping them in shade.

Stephanie said...

James, sorry I got the plant ID wrong. Alvin from The Green Journal highlighted that the looking glass is actually Martin's Mystery. See his post

James David said...

Thanks Stephanie.
Wow!!! I got some of his speciest too..

Alvin said...

Hi James!
Glad to see another begonia enthusiast here in Selangor!! :D
Beautiful coloration on your begonias there!!
My begonias don't get enough sun so their colours are mostly leaning to green tones.
I love the dark leafed begonia, it looks interesting if grown trailing!!

I really agree with you on the ease of growing these plants. They are virtually pest-free and easy to propagate!!

Autumn Belle said...

Your begonias are doing very well. I have only one. Maybe that begonia and I have some personality differences to work out for it is either fighting for its life or going dormant now. I am still puzzled.

Chess Coroner said...

The trailing plant with the small round pink leaves is Begonia U192.

Looking Glass is an upright cane with larger, elongated, green-veined silver leaves.

Chess Coroner said...

Also, the pink-dotted plant that you thought had died is Begonia U062, a mallet type.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos,I love yours mallet type.I have grow cane,species,rhizomaus,shrubs but I lost my mallet..Hope at I can find them again.
sophie in Sweden
Thanks at you show us

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