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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A stroll in Jinjang

Even if you live in the most riches part of the city or perhaps the most poorest rural area...
you will never miss one thing : A Gardener was Here.

This is a story of another abandoned area where my in-law lives. I wanted to check this place as I noticed most of the temporary houses were torn down and cleared. (except for the remnant of what is left of the garden)

Back to these plants - I cannot stop admiring this Canna Lily. It is short and dense, unlike others which I come across (tall and spaced out) I wanted to take this one and plant it in my house, but I was thinking that it would rarely flower and it may need good sunlight.

The place I live is very shaded - sadly I have to bit this one goodbye, I know the days are numbered for this plant. Sooner or later, a grass cutter is going to cut and slice all this to ground zero.

Take note of the background. What can be seen here is the flooring of what was all the houses "rumah panjang". I guess the clearing is done systematically one row at a time as the families starts shifting.
This is a nice pretty heliconia species. I really like this one but also the same case with the calla lily. I still have few pots of the heliconia plants which they rarely flower. They don't really do well when pot bound.
I should have taken a scissors and cut all the flower stalks for a floral decoration. They look good in tall vases.

Someone had uprooted some of this extra overgrown plant and threw it at the roadside. I guess this plant went thru a pruning session. I manage "rescue" them but they are mostly in a bad shape (They must been pruned & left for days)
It look like a variegated type of canna lily and heliconia but have not seen its flowers. I also noticed that they have tubers. What I like about this plant is that it has the semi white & the semi green counterpart colours in one leaf.
I remember having this plant in my mum's garden but it eventually died as it became dormant or forgotten or maybe over watering may had killed the plant.
I checked the googled but unable to find the name of this plant. Any help is very much appreciated.
I finally managed to find its name: Never never plant or Bamburanta.
Comes from the Ctenanthe genus from the Marantas family (closely resemble the prayer plant & peacock plant)
I found that there are many different varieties of this kind and mostly each species may have its own specific names.
I have note specifically identified this one, only found the tricolor's name : (Ctenanthe Oppenheimiana) The tricolor is more beautiful as it has the red underside.
Also known as Stromanthe sanguinea 'Tricolor'.
So I'm still not very sure which is which but the one I have is not this as the one doesn't have the red underside.


Stephanie said...

That yellow and orange canna is beautiful! I am glad that you spotted these beutiful shrubs and snapped some good shots. Come to think of it, Canna and Heliconia are hardy plants isn't it?

James David said...

Stephanie - Yes they are hardy plants. But for them to flower they need good amount of sunlight to bloom.

Muhammad khabbab said...

James, the cannas are gone sort of wild here in our region. but i have been gifted some mixture of canna species seeds from UK. they have sprouted and as soon as they bloom i will post them. nice blog.

James David said...

M.Khabbab - I would be good to note your canna blooms. Do keep in touch. Thanks.

Zach said...

Your Ctenanthe is awesome! I have a nice silver one (Ctenanthe setosa) that I received from a friend in Australia. I really like this green and white variety.

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