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My Vertical Garden Wall


Monday, September 28, 2009

Spring Onions

I have tried growing onions for donkey years (as much I can remember even from childhood)
Those where the days where it concerns science project where one pokes a nail through an onion and place it on a mug or container and see the roots sprouts.

Then later, I started planting those onion bulbs for their fresh green leaves to use for garnishing. Again it depends how long this plant last from bulb till the whole thing withers and dies.

One day, when I was in a wet market "pasar malam" a vendor sold a nice full bush of spring onion for a RM1.
It took me almost 2 weeks for me to consume the whole amount, I had used it for salads, and mostly added for all the garnishing (till my taste bud tasted nothing but spring onions) I had reserved a bunch freshly by placing them in water.

Then, later a day became two and a week became 2 weeks and then almost a month, those fresh spring onion gave out buds and finally a full bloom flower - hmmmm.. Hopefully they turn into seeds that I can plant them.

I had ran out of soil and pots and they are now sitting in a temporary milk tin. Hopefully I manage to get the soil and pot by this week and help this plant grow, or may end up in my kitchen for soup or another garnishing.

Didn't know onions can have such a beautiful flower.


Stephanie said...

The stems will get crush by the rainfall in my garden. Once I have a pot, all the stems got broken after a heavy rain. Later I decided not to plant it anymore as I do not have much undershaded space in my garden. I didn't realise that the flowers can be so big. TQ for posting these pictures. The plant looks nice too.

Autumn Belle said...

I think these tiny flowers are nice looking. Next time, I'll be patient enough to let my spring onions good to blooming stage. Usually they end up on my table even before they can root.

James David said...

Believe me stephanie, I too experienced so many trial and errors that this plant never got growing higher than a few inches. I didn't realise that these flowers can be attractive also.

Autumn Belle - Do try out those spring onions to bloom and have them for salad!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the seeds to arrive.

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