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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chicken in the Ferns

While I was checking my garden I was surprised to note that the chicken did this again. This time it was not on the hanging pots rather on the ground levelled fern plants. I was thinking whether to take the eggs and pass it to the owner who rears chickens a block away.

Or I can just take these eggs for breakfast. I shared my idea about having breakfast on them and my wife was furious. Well, I should be more furious concerning the damage caused on my ferns.

Anyway, she didn't realise that I was joking (but its not a joke on my ferns)
I was observing the day to day progress - this first picture was taken on Sat. ( 29th. August)
It had laid 4 eggs by then.

On Sunday, there was 5 eggs and no sign of the chicken the whole day. I was wondering whether it was an Easter Egg gift for me (hehehe)
Still joking about having breakfast for them for the second time with my wife.
Somehow the nest look so authentic, the orchid roots, with the ferns canopy.
On 31st. (Monday)
There were 6 eggs. Surprised to note the 3 - 3 arrangement. Still no sign of the chicken...
and no breakfast. ( I guess my 3rd chance in having them is over)
I had just bought 30 eggs from Tesco supermarket for the Merdeka Sale (Independence Day) for about RM3.00. I guess I had settled with those sterile eggs.

1st Sept (Tuesday)
As I was leaving for work - I noticed the 7th. egg had arrived in the nest.
Later in the night, I noticed the mother hen had started warming her nest, its too dark for me to take the pictures. She didn't move an inch when I was looking at the nest.

Finally today (3rd August) the hen had settled for her new family to arrive.
She look so cute in this nest. I hope her eggs hatches to all of her eggs - the last time I remember this hen had push most of the eggs from the hanging basket and got smashed from the fall.
(which is another headache for me as I have to clean up the mess this one had made)


mindspace said...

wow.. i would love to see such surprises one day in my garden..
pls do post when the eggs hatch..

Stephanie said...

How cool! I would love to have a hen to lay and hatch eggs in my garden. Would it be too troublesome for you to bring in the nest under shelter? I think the hen would love that! And hmmm... later the chicks... looks like you would have more to do...

Sue said...

Too bad about the smushed ferns, but they'll grow's worth it to raise a flock of little ones. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing the chicks later in a post.

James David said...

Tara - sure, I would post when the eggs hatches.

Stephanie - There is two problem. The chicken is not mine and the the ferns are more likely rooted to the ground. And I don't think I want to wage war with this chicken protecting her eggs.

Sue - Yep, you are right about the ferns and somehow its nice to know the little ones hatched from my garden.
Thanks for adding me in the "follower" list.

Autumn Belle said...

I'd love to find this chicken and egge in my garden too. This will be good education for the youngsters. It's been ages since the last time I'm see a chicken from from a tiny chick to a hen or rooster. I miss the rooster morning wake-up call too. Good luck on the eggs. Hope it won't be eaten by a predator.

James David said...

Belle - nice to know that you too had chicken at your garden and all the chicken experiences.
Thanks for adding in the follower list.

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