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Friday, September 18, 2009

Planter Box - 2nd Season

My first season of these coleus was very satisfactory. I managed to trim and replant them and distributed the rest of the cuttings to my office mates. What I like about this one is that I'm confident with coleus now.

My past mistake was taking this one for granted and planting the older matured stem. And I got frustrated about it and thought this one is really sensitive.
This time I'm using all the "crowns" and shoots. They seemed to have a higher rate of success in their growth and they are very much easier, hardier and very colourful.

I also have added the Joyweed plant here - those of which I had collected from abandoned areas.
They have toned down their bright red into softer & milder cream, pink and light green.

I bought another 2 more planter box and placed the rest of other coleus. Now, the challenge is more of arranging them and placing them so that my porch is not messy and crowded.

Joyweed & Coleus change their colours based on the intensity of the sunlight. These ones are shaded and so they are more green & white toned. I'm planing to place another set outside where there is more sunlight which may give more glorious colour tones.
I just hope I got enough time to manage all these during these holiday season.


Sue said...

I love the different coleus. Very nice!

Stephanie said...

It is so good to learn of your garden progress too!

Very beautiful display of coleus! You have planted them undershade? or out in the open under the sun whole day? Just wanted to know how well would the brownish type (with green border) fair in the sun. Looks like it needs the shade. Btw, that other coleus with cream centre, a little red and green looks like the one I have in my garden. If it is the same type, then it will do really well under the sun... the cream colour of the leaves will turn into red.

Many thanks for those wonderful and encouraging comments that you have left me earlier. I truly appreciate it very much! Have a great holiday!

Autumn Belle said...

I see a good mix of plants in your planter box. Thanks for the tips on propagating the coleus using the cuttings. I used to plant and propagate coleus by seeds as I was not very successful with cuttings. I guess I used the wrong method.

James David said...

Thanks Sue - its truly a joy to see all the colours more vivid in the garden

Hi Steph, I had planted some in the shade and some that receive good sun. Im still experimenting and trying out, I still find that the sun ones fares better than the shades.
I checked your blog for the pic for the coleus but they are too small shots for me to recognise.

Belle, I wouldn't say that you are using the wrong method. Once I got so unsuccessful when all my coleus died - for me it was a trial and error experience. I finally discovered the secret in getting the closest success rate.
I did try seeds but they all died permaturedly.
Sometimes they just die even when you do all the right thing and sometimes they live even if you don't care for them.

Chloe m said...

You are very knowledgeable about Coleus! I have not had much success in the cuttings department, I will keep trying, as you did.
Thanks for stoppping by my blog. I wish I could send you some of these snow flakes. :)

Mary Delle LeBeau said...

Your coleus look so good. And you're making cuttings. They aren't that easy, but when I have them I try to save them for the next year.

Flowers said...

Your blog is awesome and pictures are excellent. Enjoyed your blog very much. keep it up the good work.

James David said...

Thank you all for the nice comments, really appreciate your thoughts.

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