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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The White Trailing Rose Plant

Finally all the rose buds bloomed, All 6 of them. The first bloom was still attached but it really got matured.

It gave a nice mild fragrant and had sniffed few times to remember the rose scent.
(and just after a second - I forgot the fragrance and took another sniff until I got satisfied with the idea of smelling the roses!!)

I didn't know that this one is known a Trailing Rose. (Thanks to Stephanie)
Also known as Climbing Rose. There are various types (minature, tea rose, rambling rose, etc)
really not sure which one is which and all the specifics. Just love to see them bloom and enjoy their scent.

One interesting point about this plant is that they need a support to grow as they do not have strong stem to stand erect like other rose plant. That explains why the rose stalk is so thin and I had tied a wire on the rose bloom to support the heavy flowers.


  1. Wow James! Well done. These white roses are charming. My miniature rose plant is not doing so well nowadays. I think the plant don't really like the cloudy weather these few weeks. I hope it will regain strength soon. Oh I have another rose kampung now. I am still keeping my fingers crossed each day. They are fussy!

  2. I never heard about rose kampung - hope to see it in your blog soon. These roses are very much based on luck. I really have no expertise on them.


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