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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Prince of the Snow Mountain

I spotted these tiny buds form my rose plant trailing at my gated fence. I thought it might be those unsuccessful buds that falls out after awhile. I was confident that it must be a red rose as I noticed the white one is small and frail.
How I was proved wrong.

These 6 tiny rose buds and one had surpassed and bloomed this weekend with a marvelous enchanting bloom. It look so innocent and pure - so unblemished and fragile looking as I held it upon my hands.

This is what is was said, taking time to smell the roses.. especially when we are so busy doing everything - chasing this and that and time flies like no body's business.

its so beautiful that I forgot to take a sniff from this flower..
must do it today, immediately after work....


  1. This trailing rose is beautiful! I wish I could have one creeping here but I just do not have any space left. Nice job on this one. Remember to sniff the fragrance :-) Btw, I didn't know goosefoot plant has spadix and spathe flower till you told me. I have on in my garden! I will see if mine would give the flower.

  2. Believe me Stephanie - I'm really getting short of space that I'm going mad on what to keep and what to give away..these roses are from my mum's give aways.

  3. The white rose is lovely. I like the way you show us the rose from bud to blossom. I hope you remembered to smell your pretty roses.


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