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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Donkey's Tail - Sedum morganianum

Name: Donkey's Tail - Sedum Morganianum

This is my long awaited sedum plant which I dare not touch, less those sensitive leaves breaks.
In fact, a mere touch can snap them. As I mentioned before in my earlier post, planting them with the Green Wandering Jew to help them to grow well as they got a support to hang on to.
The only thing is that when they get too leggy and long and all, it is all but unattractive. So finally this was the day that I decided to trim all those which is too long and falling all over.

I had nicely carried this and kept it aside at my balcony and planned to plant them in a week or two (after the cuttings dried up) Planting them too soon may cause them to have rotting stem.
The problem with this now is that they don't get enough sun during this time of the year and the plant is spaced out instead of being tightly connected.
With added stress: Raining too often can cause the stem rotting easily.

I noticed a garden near my mum's house had another variety of this Donkey's tail plant. It is so beautiful and they had few hanging pots. I realise that once you get the hang of it, you just know how to take care of the plant.

I'm still learning to get this plant right. The only thing I can console myself is that this plant managed to survive with all my trials and error.


  1. Hi Thanks for commenting on my blog. Interesting what you say about leaving Sedum cuttings to dry before planting to avoid rot.

    Love the earlier posts on the Canna but also the other flower. It is good to see blogs from all countries such interesting flowers.

  2. James, keep it up! I made lots of trial and error in my garden too. I hope you could grow the sedum again. It's a nice plant!

  3. Keep working at all your sedums on your balcony. They can be very rewarding plants. I like your comments on the canna. I've never gotten that friendly with a canna. Thanks for your comments on my blog.

  4. Joanne - I understand its a commont thing to practice in drying it up before planting, especially for succulents & cactus. Also versa-visa, I never experienced cold climate plants.

    Stephanie - Thanks, don't we all do experiment time to time and yes, its a nice plant.

    Mary - It would be nice to have a good collection of sedum in the garden, probably I would do that.

    Thank you for your encouragement, it feels good when we compliment one another.


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