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My Vertical Garden Wall


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Euphorbia tithymaloides f. variegata

Synonym:  Pedilanthus tithymaloides f. variegata 

This one have a strong accent of white brilliant borders - almost robust and does excellently in keeping the white tones when planted in shade, the dark green center morph like water-color feature with lighter tones when merging with the white border.

However when exposed to sun, those white borders tend to morph into pink notes with the white disintegrating with the green - sort of melting away colored features. These particular one rarely flower and I have yet to come across their blooms.

One of the most difficulties in given circumstance where the plant is constantly changing due to condition hence giving the proper ID can be challenging.

Another big challenge that I actually faced is that there is no proper clear website that I can actually check and verify the exact correct ID. Seriously how to identify and actually call the difference between "variegata" and "variegatus?

And almost if not all of the plant vendor sites had randomly just blast away any names they fancy with these plants is really adding to more confusion in these identification.

This one is not cultivated for floral display - rather very much for the colored foliage.  Do check more detailed information of Care & Cultivation from the Main Page Link below:

The zig-zag stem appearance is less evident for this cultivar. I find that these can be tight and compact when the foliages are in place - their stem upright rather than zig-zag. The pictures below are the indication of how they look like when exposed to sunlight.

Zigzag Different Types and Images

Here is the link where I had put together a list of all of the different types and ID and images that I had come across. A database of all the different types & their characteristics. Please click on the link on the title above for the post.

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