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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Begonia Aconitifolia


I almost mis-identified this one thinking that this one is Begonia Sophie Cecile and saw that the later is much bigger and wider with more burgundy coloration. This one is appear to be more like a miniature type with light pink tone spots on the foliage.

Very much like a maple leaf foliage pattern - something that I must say a unique feature compared to most common begonia species where the leaves are often appear like a oval-ear shaped lobe.

Identified as Begonia aconitifolia  ( Metallica Begonia ) - this is a Cane-like Begonia, native to Brazil. Not much information or research done on this particular one apart from what appeared to be just an ornament Begonia Plant.

Care & Cultivation:

Just like most Cane Begonia species - this one is grown on a medium:
50% coco chip mixed with sand & potting mix. I found this medium used for propagation by the nursery owner - I had slightly added the same medium type and re-pot it in a bigger pot.
So far - the plant doubled it's size.


There are many various methods and styles that I had found and researched among gardeners and begonia enthusiast growers.

Some used organic fertiliser especially chicken manure and also coffee fertiliser. Others used Liquid Fertiliser on weekly basis. I had found that different garden requires different methods - do use what works best for you.


I started using 3-4 pieces of Osmocote as fertilizer - 2 week once but found that this one was too strong and most of my plants start dying. Hence I had totally stopped using osmocote.
Also I used root hormone (Seaweed solution) also used another rooting hormone (Vitamin B1) a solution for stronger root growth as these are prone for root rot which didn't go well in my plant routine.

Hence I only use very diluted A&B Fertiliser mix and alternative week with Vitamin B1 root hormone solution. So far it helps. 


Slightly spray water once a day in the morning and refrain watering rainy days.
I do water twice a day on a dry and hot days - it's depending on the weather.


Other matters are very much similar with the general information about Cane Begonias.
Do click below for more information on Cane Begonias.

Begonia Common Names and Images

Do click on the Link Above ☝

Here is the link where I had put together a list of all the begonias that I had come across. A database of all the different types & their characteristics. Please click on the link on the title above for the post.

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