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Friday, October 23, 2009

The White Connection - Update

These are my White Collection plants planted in the pot. They have been doing very well in a dense cramped area and I feeling good about it. Occasionally one plant or the other become leggy and unattractive, I managed to trim and replant some but for the zigzag plant I'm not sure whether to do it or not.

If you notice(the zigzag plant) , the lower leaves are smaller than the top ones. For now, they look authentic in a way, you cannot expect a perfect garden. I like to have some imperfection just here & there. For me - that means its being realistic.

My garden is slowly evolving to a white garden, or I would consider its following the season of winter (or a pseudo-winter kind of way) Somehow I find that colours makes an impact in my small space garden, or rather my container garden.

Talking about colours - I realise then in gardening green seemed to be a monochrome colour to me.

Something like in the scale :-
(0 = common, 10 = difficult)

0 = Green (ferns & fragrant plant foliage)
1 = White (as shown in these pictures, Bleeding Hearts)
2 = Brown (Begonias, Flame violets)
3 = Red (Joyweed, Coleus)
4 = Yellow (Hanii, Coleus)
5 = Pink (Coleus, Moss Rose, Periwinkle)
6 = Orange (Blackberry lily)
7 = Grey (Red Flame Ivy)
8 = Violet (rare - wishbone flower)
9 = Blue (rare - verbena, orchid)
10 = Black (none)

I'm hoping that I get to "paint" all these colours in my garden in a long term basis. In a way, these colours stay in a long term basis (especially foliage colours) rather than one time bloom and gone and to wait for months & years for these colours.

Thank God for Periwinkle, Bleeding Heart Vine, Blackberry Lily & Flame Violets for their constant continuous blooms that add colour to my garden, if not - then its the varigated coloured foliage that makes up for that difference.

Again, it may sound that I'm becoming obsessive with these colours and all, somehow satisfaction & contentment comes after putting a lot of thought & work.

Do share your thoughts on colours in the garden.
About these colour factors and how you feel about them.
When my garden look good, I feel good too.

I'm sure each gardener have a feel of their own,
would love to hear your thoughts on the matter,
whether it really matters to you have a coloured garden?


  1. I like having variegated leaves a lot like the rubber plant. It does grap some attention from my visitors. Green is a must for the background. I like to colours at the foreground. I like leaves with patterns too. Flowers are now my passion included the few orchids that I have. Oh, regarding that coin plant, it does has small thorns. Thanks for your advice also.

  2. Lovely plant combo, James! I simply love foliage plants, whether in solid green or variegated, exuding calmness and serenity. But, love flowering plants as much, for brightness, vibrancy and colour! For me, both are essential to enliven my garden and me! ;-)

  3. Nice post james..........to me, it would be awsome to mix some orchids of different colour with your light coloures foliage plants.....ithink it would make a nice combination and will brak the monotony also to attract the eyes, nice day :)

  4. Steph - Thanks for the idea: Green at the background, never thought about it. May try it and see how it looks.

    Jacq. - Thanks for sharing, I totally agree with you when you mention about the essential to enliven both you & the garden, I feel the same too.

    Hortist - I really wished I can get orchids in these midst. I have still have few types but none had bloomed yet. And so, they are dull skeleton factor that balance up in my coloured foliage. Thanks for sharing - I will keep in mind about orchids (almost gave up on them)

  5. James, I love the simplicity that green and white offer and what you have done with the various combination of plants, size and texture... the bamboo rising amidst the delicate fern-like foliage... very nicely done! As soon as I saw black, Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'came to mind. Too bad I can't hand you a start 'over the fence'.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself!

  6. James,
    Where I garden, I take what I can get and what won't get eaten or ravaged by the wildlife. It is hit or miss. I love variegated iris, they are one of my favorites. I love your combination here, it is simply wonderful.

  7. Di - I checked this plant "Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens" and was marvelled at the black shimmering leaves. I had never seen this Black Mondo Grass. Thanks for sharing.

    Rosey - I'm sorry to note that wildlife seemed to be an issue in your garden, The closest wildlife I can get here is sunbirds & squirrels, apart from butterflies & bees - others like cats and rats, mice & moles seemed to enjoy my garden more.


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