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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Unbreak My Wings

It was a cold and raining on Saturday morning.
Good to snug with pillows and wrap tight a warm blanket. Yet, the snooze didn't last long as children were having cold and I have to go and buy breakfast & lunch.
I noticed one of the cocoon had popped and the poor little thing is all wrapped up wet.
Oh.. no, its raining and there is no sign of sun shining. This butterfly had her wings rolled up waiting for the sun to dry her.

She is the second pupa that turned into butterfly in captivity. (or considered in a small plastic box container)

I placed her on the stool, yet she was so motionless, just barely living, I hope she will survive.
Don't die, not today.. I don't want to think about all the effort of eating my lime leaves going to waste, not now.

Then, the sun slowly peeked from the clouds and this butterfly slowly showing sign of hope. She started to flap and I placed her near to leaves where the sun shone the brightest.

Finally, she stretched her magnificent wings and gave her maiden flight!

That was close...
or else I have to have find a spot for a cemetery.


  1. Hi James, gosh that was close... glad that this little pretty butterfly managed that maiden flight :-) Oh, thanks for your compliments on my plants. You have many nice plants too! Happy blogging.

  2. Oh James... you really look after the baby butterfly well... and to see the maiden flight must warm your heart!!!... Cheers ~bangchik

  3. James, You are a hero! You saved another butterfly. I have still not mastered the art of wildlife rescue. That was a beautiful butterfly you saved. How blessed to see it take its first flight to the skies. It must be an overwhelming feeling. After reading your earlier post about rearing caterpillars in a container, I started out on an experiment. I waited for the eggs to hatch but unfortunately, when I went to Ipoh to attend a wedding dinner during the mid-autumn festival, somebody at home with itchy fingers cut off the whole bunch of pomelo leaves! When I got home, no more caterpillars. There were 8 of them before I left. Hahhh, I guess I have to wait a bit longer.

  4. I'm so glad the sun brought more life to the butterfly. When you nurture something like this, you are so connected to it. The story was so nice to read.

  5. Steph. - Yes, that was close. The butterfly was so tame that it didn't struggle at all when I handle or help it.

    Bangchik - Yes, it warmed up all our hearts at home to see a almost dying butterfly survive and flew - feels very blessed.

    Belle - Sorry to note about the pruning. But don't worry, Im sure more caterpillars will come and surprise you.

    Mary Delle - I may have to put that butterfly under a fan or something if the sun didn't show up & yes you are right - feels like in a fairyland when experience these things.


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