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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hybrid Verbena - Verbena Hybida

I found a flea market or night market (pasar malam)
been set up by the street side as I was on my way to my mum's house after work.

The vendor had displayed some nice flowering plants. She sell mostly roses & desert roses.
She also sells fuchsia & strawberry plant!!

She sell a medium sized desert rose for $28 and a healthy looking strawberry plant in a hanging basket with strawberries for $10.
My heart went out for those Fuchsias for also $10 but they looked faded and burned out.

It so happen I didn't bring enough cash when I passed by there and managed to get this plant after a good bargain for $7

I took it and show to my mum and both of us got excited over it.
It look so much like a mix of pentas and lantana flower.
I really thought this one was a Star Cluster (Pentas Lanceolata) but found out later that this is actually a Verbena hybrid.
I also found that there is a strong history with this plant. (checked from wikipedia)

I gave few cuttings where the shoots had rooted and bid her luck in propagating this plant.
Planning to get those Fushias in my next visit to my mum's place.


  1. James, nice and brave choice! The purple is very striking and I like it. Do update on this one. Also the fuschia later :-) (a mini one right?). I like this plant as well but their condition is often not so ideal when I see them. Happy gardening!

  2. Hello James,

    I love Verbena and we grow a few different species here. You can't beat them for flowering and beautiful color!

  3. Hello Again,

    In general, Verbena appreciate full sun or can handle part shade. They require well-drained soil. I do not fertilize mine as they flower very well without adding anything to the soil. Verbena produce a lot of flowers, but they are a short-lived perennial. I have had luck with my Verbena self-seeding.

    I hope this helps!

  4. Thanks Noelle for the Verbena tips. very much appreciated.

  5. Hi James, I've read all of your 'future' posts but have worked my way back to this one. I love verbena and this is a most interesting looking one. I love the 2-tone shades of it. I'm glad it's possible for it to self-seed. You will enjoy having more of these.

  6. Your Verbena hybrid is so pretty! I would have thought it's family to Pentas too and leaves like Lantana.
    Thanks so much for your propagating Pentas tips :) - will quickly plant some cuttings before the last shrub dies.

  7. thanks Jan - appreciate to find your way until here. Glad that you like Verbenas too.

    Jamie - I saw your Pentas cuttings in your blog. Im confident that they will grow. Do water them well & keep them in the shade first until they put out new leaves.


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