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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Corn Plant - Dracaena Fragans

No, this is not where you get corns from. Its an indoor hardy plant which seems to almost thrive on abuse and will live happily pot bound or neglect for many years. If you notice, its actually growing at the roadside. I doubt the owner cares to water, prune, clean or feed this plant.

What is interesting is the young shoots have a beautiful cream colour which eventually change to dark green. I always get fascinated by them. Once I cut all these shoots and placed them in a pot but they never survived. (they turned brown after few weeks with a crown rot)

I understand that this one is propagated using stem cutting. I had never tried it yet. Maybe one day when I come across an abandoned area where rescue is needed. (hehehe)

What I want to make mention here is that I want to make a comparison with Corn Plant & Basket Plant. This one grows taller & bigger and have columnar branch.


  1. Nice post! I like to watch those cream colour new leaves too. Yeah, good for floral arrangement. Btw, do you know that even Dieffenbachia could survive outdoor?

  2. Yes, I agree with you they are lovely to watch.
    Pity they don't last forever that way.

    (Dumbcane) could survive outdoor but they too often have burnt leaves, very leggy & unattractive.


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