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My Vertical Garden Wall


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Plant Growth Enhancer: Gorton's Solution

I was fairly surprised to received an email from Paul Studebaker congratulating me on being
regarded as a highly influential Gardening Blogger as being accomplished much.

What more surprising was the offer that I receive from this company to provide me with a Free Trial Sample of the product:
Gorton’s Solution with Humic & Fulvic Acids.

A little bit about the information concerning the product:

1) Dissolve and solubilize essential nutrients into water and 
then ionize the solution for root attraction and bonding.

2) These nutrients help plants with growth, chlorophyll production, overall health, and disease prevention.

3) Helps to balance soil pH levels.

4) Improves water holding capacity, soil structure and stability, and soil fertility

5) For plants - help to dilate roots making them more voluminous allowing for faster nutrient uptake.

6) Fulvic acids greatly increase cell division spurring faster, broader overall growth. Faster nutrient uptake provides for healthier plants that are more heat tolerant, requiring less water.

7) Significantly boost plant protein gains.

8) Results will be available in 6 weeks.

A little more introduction on this product: Gorton's Solution:

Gorton's Solution was created in a home garden by long time agricultural food scientist,
Stephen Gorton. 

 It began with the idea that plants need iron. 
 A means to do so was to dissolve old iron with a natural acid and then heavily dilute it with water. 

 It worked so well that Mr. Gorton decided to add other essential nutrients plus ionize the solution for particle conductivity. He perfected the chemistry and physics derived product and used it to help tomato growers in Mexico where the soil has a high degree of salt. 

After seeing exceptional results and on more than just tomatoes, Mr. Gorton patented the "All-Natural" product and brought it back to the US where commercial clients have been using it since. With all of its nutrients and when mixed with the proper dilution of water, Gorton's Solution works like magic to "help plants grow better." We add ZING to plants!

What is Gorton's Solution?

Gorton's Solution is a liquid plant growth enhancer that amends soil,
while maximizing the health and growth of plants.

Gorton's is not a fertilizer, yet it helps plants use fertilizer products more efficiently.
 PH level and chlorophyll production are two of the biggest factors in plant growth.

Most water typically has a higher pH level than what plants prefer and Gorton's lowers the level in the water and soil combination. Gorton's also contains essential nutrients that are vital building blocks of plant cell and chlorophyll production.

And, it will not hurt bugs or critters inherent to grasses, trees, beds, and/or gardens.

Why Use Gorton's Solution?

9) Boosts plants' heat tolerance which combats wilting on hot days

10) Plants can last longer without water and still thrive

11) Flowers grow faster and with more vibrant colors

12) Fills in most brown and bare spots on grass

13) Helps grass to grow in the shade

14) Flowers bloom for longer periods

15) Grasses green up earlier and last longer in the year

Who Should Use Gorton's Solution?

Gorton's Solution is used by agricultural growers, landscapers both commercial and residential, wholesale growers, arboretum display gardens, golf course management companies, and others. And the great news is that Gorton's Solution is now available to consumers for home gardening, lawn care, tree growth, disease prevention, and other plant health and growth needs.

Personal Note:

I know it sounds so "advertisement" "product promotion" like, but I think these information are very much important and essential to know especially when using them for plants.

Especially - as this one is NOT A FERTILISER but a Plant Growth Enchancer.
Therefore does not create a havoc of overwhelming the soil condition as heavy NPK application.

Basically all fertilizer fall in the NPK zone which basically fall in 2 categories - organic or chemical based.  I will talk more about fertilizers on my other posting but as for now - just giving some basics about the difference.

NPK meaning (NPK' stand for N = Nitrogen, P = Phosphorous, K for Potassium or Potash)

Nitrogen (N) is solely focus on the growth of leaves on the plant
Phosphorus (P) – Phosphorus is largely responsible for root growth and flower and fruit development. Potassium (K) – Potassium is a nutrient that helps the overall functions of the plant perform correctly.

And the Numeric value shown on the label is based on what usage for that particular plant fertilizer.
Some fertilizer have this value  1:8:2 - meaning this fertilizer focus more on the flowering or fruit development in comparison to foliage development.
Likewise if the value is like 5:1:1 - meaning this fertilizer focus more on Nitrogen which focus more on the foliage development only.

NPK is more defined on chemical based type which can be quite strong and harsh on the plant if overdosed. Therefore it is very important to check the dilution and application and often safer to use on a half strength first to test it out and see if the plant is not burned or stressed.

I find that strong application of Fertilizer can harm the plant especially the sensitive plants like Huperzia, Ferns, Orchids and Begonias - these are the ones that I cultivate in my garden and therefore I'm quite cautious when introducing fertilizers which can create havoc & burns in my garden.

I will talk more about fertilizers on my other posting but as for now - just giving some basics about the difference.

Personal Note: PLUS POINTS:

It mentions that it does these:

 - Flowers grow faster and with more vibrant colors
-  Helps grass (plants) to grow in the shade
-  Flowers bloom for longer periods

As my garden condition is heavily shaded and grows ever slowly.
I hope this solution makes a difference.

For more information do check on their website:

Prove of the Pudding:

And so, lets test it out and see how this goes.

I had recently planted these cuttings and had not added anything apart from using a little compost for it to pick up. Let's see how this plant fair in it's plant development. 
I will update on this plant growth on 6 weeks of application - as each week growth development.

Test Subject: Cane Begonia Cutting - WEEK 0


Unknown said...

Hi, Im wondering what the results from Gortons solutions is on the test you were performing. Can you share any more info on your experience or show more photos of the weekly progress of the test you were doing? Thanks!
Eric B., Puerto Rico

James David said...

Hi Eric,
I have been extremely busy during these MCO period that had taken a lot of my free time as I have to focus on other pressing matters - hence I was unable to blog for some time. I will definitely will do my follow-up on the test progress once I'm free to do so.
Sorry for the delay and thank you for following up on this matter.

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