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Monday, September 7, 2020

Fuchsia, Calla Lilies and African Violet in Sg. Buloh Nursery

I had visited the Nurseries located at Sg.Buloh and had found these exquisite plants and I want to showcase them in this video.

Fuchsia species:

These are basically ideal for growing as highland plants where it is favorable to have a cool temperate climate but since this is sold here - it may be considered as short-term flowering plant where once it has finished it's blooming and the plant may end up withering away.

Fuchsias prefers filtered light but are particularly intolerant of heat. They need plenty of dappled shade and daytime temperatures well below 80 degrees F. (27 C.) that will encourage a healthy bloom and also prefer cooler nighttime temperatures. Something that is not conducive in the lowland hot climate zone where daytime can span easily 33C during the day and 27C at night.

 Calla Lily:

These too are not an easy plant to grow in the lowland hot climate area.As I mentioned like the fuchsias, this one can also be considered as a short-term flowering plant where once it has finished it's blooming and the plant may end up withering away.

Keeping it in a bright shade and the medium slightly moist is the most ideal for this one and do give more care not to expose this plant to direct hot sun or getting water on the plant as it may damage the flowers.

African Violet:

These are truly a lovely collection of plants very ideal to grow as a terrarium plant. I had once cultivated it but it had failed to bloom in my hand. They do have specific requirements in their needs and plant care - therefore proper research is needed to cultivate this one.

 Basically these are shade loving plants - not too much water, not too strongly exposed to direct hot sun as this one loves high humidity.I would not consider this as a hardy plant and wouldn't recommend it for new beginners.

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