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Friday, February 18, 2011

Garden Update - Final part

This is the other side of my my garden where the plants are in hanging pots along the fencing area. My friend had passed me this Oxalis and mentioned to me that it was dying, true enough when I unearthed the soil and found that the bulbs where rotting. I managed to safe just one bulb. Recently the leaf didn't look good as it appears to closed all day. Hope its not rotting again as that is the last straw of this species.

I also managed to reset my joyweed & zebra tradescantia - keeping them trim and proper, the difficult part is that there are too many of it and I have to choose only to use the crowns in replanting. These are the very hardy ones - able to withstand all types of weather (rain, hot sun, washed down soil, draught) I will strongly recommend these for any beginners.

And finally orchids.
Im still having mixed feelings with them, they seemed not to flower for all these years, I have been be very patient with them.
I got some tips from a gardener/blogger friend.
Will post his comment more in details once I get his follow-up and progress in getting this orchid blooming.


  1. The most I like is the 1st hanging plant, still finding the scientific name. I have so many last time but my turkey eat them all ( I'm not hanging that plant) ;( Hope they still left some for me.

  2. Oxalis need to go dormant for part of the year. If for no seeming reason they start looking rather old and pathetic, typically what I do is assume they need some dormancy, and don't really water them for a bit.

    Here this happens about twice a year. Then once they recoup under there they start all over again.

    I do think they don't need all that much on the care side apart from that. Mine grow in the ground and get no special treatment at all.

  3. wow look at that beautiful plant in the hanging pots. What a pretty sight to see them in person.

  4. Just talking about orchids makes me tremble in fear. I have no expertise in growing them yet for some people they seem to thrive. Good luck with growing them! I hope they do well for you!

  5. You really are going vertical with hanging pots... Oxalis is fairly easy to grow. Funny because it loves water, but too soggy it will rot. Kakdah has them in few pots.

  6. Orchid de dangau - Actually I too still finding some of their scientific names - somehow, I guess most of them are hybrids and therefore I just settled to the genes and groups.

    Jess - guess it must appear to be weedlike in some part of the world & wished I was nearby to stach some of them to my garden. Thanks for dropping by.

    Malay-Kadazan - sometimes they look lovely, I guess its too common to my eyes that I take them for granted.

    Rosey - some of the orchids are actually very hardy. Its just finding the right species to suit your zone and garden care.

    Bangchik - Im still learning how to grow them, hope to become an expert on it someday.

  7. James, you are really good with hanging gardens. Your orchids has given me some inspiration on how to replant my baby orchid dendrobiums. It is not easy to classify our home orchids with scientific names.

  8. That oxalis will look good hanging :-D The few leaves are looking good. Keep it up! (Unlike my Purple Velvet ;-() Don't let the rain disturb these precious leaves for now. The bulb is really strong. It will grow for you I hope. Once it is growing nicely, it must have lots of light in order for the variegated purple colours to look nicer.

  9. Hey James it's Walt from Saint Pete, Florida again, it's been a long time since I have stoped in but I must say you have done a great job with your garden. Hope to keep in touch with ya'


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