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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wandering Jew - Tradescantia Zebrina

I had so many of these that I considered this as a weed instead of a plant. Above all, I took this one for granted that I threw away a lot of it that now, I do not have any now. Its very invasive and extremely hardy. Once its get out of hand, it will practically grow anyway. The only thing that makes this one unattractive is when it gets leggy. I guess most tradescantia may become leggy.

However, I still like the dual colours it gave, when in full sun - it gives a robust red tone, when in shade it gives the fluorescent "zebra" tones. I'm starting to miss this plant, its still growing in my mother's garden and I can get it anytime. The last one I had was infected with snail as it had damaged most of the leaves and look very unattractive. (I had finally threw away my last specimen)

Just wondering whether I want to start this anytime soon or consider it later.


  1. Cool--these plants are common annuals grown here in DC. I see them everywhere and have been thinking about taking a clipping to grow at home, but I have not yet.

  2. Well Kenneth, my suggestion is think wisely before introducing them in your garden. They are invasive and not easy to rid off.

  3. i agree with you.. this purple beauty is very invasive..a few cuttings accidentally got thrown into pots containing other plants and took root..roots too easily, IMO..it's nice as a growing screen though..


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