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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Purple Queen - Tradescantia pallida (Updated 2020)

Tradescantia pallida commonly known as Purple Queen & Purple Heart.

This particular type of Tradescantia is a different type of Wandering Jew as related to spiderwort species which explains the familiar inflorescent formation - looking alike with other spiderwort varieties.

 Unlike other Tradescantia species, this one have a deep roots. I had many times dig out those trailing worm size roots out before planting something else. So, the invasive parts are very much come from the roots as they may sprout again.

I also found that they do not like wet soggy soil, seemed to get branch rot when over watered. Also don't do very well in shady areas, as they are sun lovers.
Eventually the whole plant will get leggy and move out from the pot literally with trailing roots.
So, replanting is necessary time to time.

Other than that, the purple leaves do give a very good contrast for the yellow foliage.

I had planted them as hanging potted plants but I find that they don't do so well in long term. I would prefer to plant them as ground cover as they seemed to do better that way. They do span and spread very well when the growing conditions are good - and so may require good open space for them to grow bigger and wider.

I also found the water droplets on the foliage may damage the leaves. So it is best to water them during morning time as they dry out during the day, avoiding watering them during night time.

Also they can easily break and their sap may cause skin irritation - therefore to pay close attention if you have sensitive skin condition if you were considering introducing this plant in your garden.

The flowers appears in this 3-petal shaped bloom - which last only for a day. These can only bloom on bright open sunny areas, growing them in full shade can prove challenging.

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Walt said...

Nice pictures James.. I love taking pictures myself of anything & everything, I invite you to stop on in & check out my site if you want.

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