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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Squirrel Foot Fern - Davallia trichomanoides

What's this Squirrel foot fern? I thought it was a Rabbit foot? Or Deer foot or Bear foot??
OK, I guess I'm not an expert in identifying exactly their specific names but I think its easier to note as Davallia and consider all of them in one category. Their difference are very much identified in their geographical location and the shape & colour of their furry rhizome.

I'm guessing that the silvery white shade furry rhizome is known as Rabbit Foot Fern (Davallia Fejeensis) (That's why the species name helps - you can identify it with one name instead of too many these furry animal foot or paw names)

There are few types of Davallia here, so my closes guess it that is one may be known as the Hare's Foot Fern, Black Rabbit's Foot Fern also known as Squirrel Foot Fern which has a brown to black shade rhizome. (Davallia trichomanoides)

This one is native here in Malaysia, it can be found everywhere. (on tree barks, by the drain sides, even along wall cracks at the back of houses where its uncared for) Very often, these cut fern leaf stalk (about 20 pcs) are sold in florist for flower arrangement about RM1. I'm guessing that these are very likely harvested from some jungle and sold here rather than being planted in a flowerbed like the orchids and heliconias.

Normally, gardeners here do not plant this one as its just too common. I got this growing from the composite mix from the bottom of the pot, eventually it became a root ball and took the whole pot.

I was still contemplating whether to keep it or not to keep it... in the duration of my thinking, this plant grew and so I decided to replant it.

As you can see, its in a bad shape where my try and error flame violet and purple queen was growing together with this fern. I have to uproot them carefully as all of these roots are very tightly tangled up with each other.

(I'm showing the furry rhizome that makes this fern famous for it's name) The whole root rhizome was all over and in was in a tight whirl around the pot. I manage to break the very matured ones at the bottom and place back the top crown back and replanted the ferns back.
Hopefully it survives the shock and regrows its new fronds. Again hoping that it covers the whole hanging pot all around and that will make a lovely hanging basket.


  1. Hi James,
    I appreciate your love of plants. They are a joy.
    A friend gave me several cuttings of squirrel foot fern and I am potting them. The reports on how to pot them seem mixed. Some say just to press the furry feet into the soil but not to cover them and others say to bury the feet. What are your thoughts?

    FL, USA

  2. Thanks Hank for dropping by.
    I suggest its best to bury them first as they are cuttings.
    Eventually the rhizome will trail out with new fronts. As you can see from the picture, I had totally buried them as these give good support for the plant to stand upright.
    Placing the roots just above the soilmix may cause the plant to be unstable and may fall over from the pot & they might not recover from the intial shock.
    Hope this helps.


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