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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Red Canna Lily

This is one of the plants that is growing in my wife office area. Manage to take these pictures while waiting for her to finish her work. I use to admire these flowers when I was a child, often spot them at the bank of the river or wetlands. I also wished I can get them on my hands as I was curious to find how these petals are formed (which one is up or down??)
I also mistaken them for an iris plant.

I guess those childhood moments are forgotten and again these memories flash back again when faced them face to face. They don't look so interesting or intrigue as those moments. Anyway, here it goes another story of childhood plants.

Canna Lilies

1) Grown using rhizome (root tuber or bulb)
They can also be propagated by seeds (spherical black seeds formed in seedpods)

2) Not a true lily but more from the ginger, heliconia & banana species.

3) Can also be grown in poorly drained areas and in shallow ponds. Need full sun for flowers to bloom.


  1. some one adv/ on graiglist - FREE bulbs of This Canna Lily, so I when an got a bag full from a person near by my home - here in Dover PA USA - I planted the bulbs late spring and early summer. Now the plants are 5+' high and full on flowers. Tonight I was looking to see how they are doing - looking at the flowers, and I notice the that the old flowers are gone and there are some buts and the olds ones, the ones are brown has a BLACK little seed in them.
    So I pill the off and sprinkle them else where. Now I'm searching how to grow more of this canna lily from seed.
    When you go to your wife place of work look for the old flowers and look for the dark brown - almost to open buts. they are the size of a penny. Look to see if you can see the black little seed inside ( like the size of corn seed). Take those seed and plant them at home, or search how to grow them from seed. That way you will this flower at home. Good Luck.

    1. Hi,
      Yes - I had seen those black polished seeds.
      They do look like a pearl.
      I have not planted them as they are sun lovers and my garden is very much in a shaded area.
      I doubt they will do well nor bloom in shaded areas.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAiA2TA-F0c


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