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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rangoon Creeper Vine - Quisqualis indica

I'm sure you have guessed it that these are one of my nature walk stories. I had stumble across this heavy bush area and very much suspect that its Rangoon creeper vine but I may not able to confirm it until the flower bloomed. Well, you know what - it bloomed just few days ago and yes, its confirmed that its that red, pink flowered vine.

What concerns me is that this one is really a wild one. Not like the ones I have seen domestically growing and appear to be just one stalk with a bundle of heavy bloom, this is rather one of the horror stories where the vine can pick anyone and hang them upside down... sort of the carnivorous plant stories..

For a horror story, the scary part is to note this caterpillar is so huge for a this vine plant. I'm sure its a lovely butterfly or moth but prefer not to have them in my garden. No thank you.
Still, just like any horror story.. this one is part of the nature story.

Well, the ending of the story with a nice bouquet of flower, here is it. The Rangoon creeper flower, not so of the celebrating kind of flower (more of the wild type) but nevertheless I guess, if this one is brought home and cultivated, I'm sure it would certainly reward with many blooms.
(I'm tempted, shall I or shall I not... hmmm.. maybe later)
This one has thorns and single bloom type.
My mum has it which is a double bloom cultivar and has no thorns.


  1. Rangoon creeper is a very popular and common cultivated species in most gardens in southern asia, planted close to a building wall, can grow up to 5 stories high.Petal color changes as the flower matures with all hues of pink.It is very mildly fragrant, but its hybrid, with double petals and bigger flowers, is more fragrant.
    As it is a liana(woody climber) the mature branches look scary.It has nothing to do with insects!
    Daksha, India

  2. I would like to know the name and scientific classification of the caterpillar.


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