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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I guess many people I know do not like this flower, they find this one smelly. Others like me, find this one fragrant - well, it seems like different people smell things differently.

I love this colourful flowers, especially when the flower first start to bloom and continue to unfurl layers of each centre portions of blooms. I really wanted to collect all the varieties of different shades and colours. My only problem is this one only bloom in sunny areas.

I had passed these to my mother in law, but lately I found that lack of care and the yellow one died. The red one is quite leggy and badly needed pruning. It had become very bushy and look very invasive. Well, I guess those are the glory days when these flowers are on my care.


  1. Hmm.. What is the smell of the Lantana like?

    Alfredo, Singapore

  2. Alfredo - Can't really tell. Smells a little like marigold + orangey and a (+/-) sandalwood smell.


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