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Monday, July 13, 2009

Cattleya Orchid - part 1

One of my most challenging difficult plants. All those who says orchid are easy please advice me, as I have found it the exact opposite results on what had been said in the Internet. Probably its a marketing thing - say it easy and many may purchase it and if it survive and thrive then join their club. Otherwise, join mine - a struggling club.

For the record, I had few bulbs of cattleya which I killed by over watering and fertilising.
This is my second trial session. This time, I'm more cautious about fertilising. If you notice, I had placed 3 matured ones and the rest are the new bulbs that came from the matured ones. Placed used tea leaves as a top up medium on the pot. Its now almost a year, still waiting for the bloom to appear.

My trying tips:

1) Medium must be free draining - I use coconut husk & shells, charcoal and styrofoam pieces.

2) Watering - make sure it drys before the next watering. Like in my place, it gets very warm and dries up - so, watering everyday is necessary. When it gets humid, 2 - 3 days once.

3) Light - shaded area (no direct sun as it will cause burn leaves)

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  1. You are right,I also plant orchid by coconut husk and shell,I soak them in water to keep water in side and then I put them around the pot,with little charcoals, put the orchid in with more charcoals and styrofoam pieces.And I spray water for them in every day, not much, just enough keep wet the charcoals and coconut shell that the roots can grow more. My email is phuonglovejesus@yahoo.com


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