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Monday, June 8, 2009

Garden Theme: Monochromatic Foliage

One of the most easiest gardening is to work with greens. Especially for bamboos & ferns. The trick is to have many tones/shades of green.

Another way to do it is to have the same colour but different shaped types of leaves.
This will give an illusion that the garden is rich and full but actually this can be accomplished with minimum number of plants.

There is one problem with this theme - if not done creatively, this theme can appear to be very boring. One of the way to "spice it up" is to add one opposite colour plant to give a focal point.

That way, the appearance of the garden will look complete rather that the "missing piece" look.
And chances are you may add another same colour plant but acquiring the same monotone results.

This problem is very visible for :
1) flowering plants which rarely flower producing boring looking leaves.
2) Fragrant flowering plants/shrubs especially jasmine, lilies, frangipani but not flowering.

The way to handle it is to always have something creative added together with the plant, that way on the whole there is an impact when the plant do not flower. And when they do flower - its is more glorious.

Tips to handle these issues:
a) Plant them inside interesting exotic pots
(If you have the time, paint them with harmony colours)

b) Prune and trim them in making them a bonsai plant
c) Hang chime
d) Decorate with miniature figurines
e) Place coloured shells, river stones on the pot
f) Place a vertical slab stones together with the plant for support and focal feature.
g) Group the same type of plants (tones) in one place.

A theme garden is always better than an unorganised garden. So when it comes to a theme garden, keep in mind that there is a story to tell concerning the garden which been tended.
As long as you know the unspoken story..
You garden will sing it aloud regardless others are aware of it or not.


  1. Your garden theme tips sounds really good! I do agree that flowering plant blooms don't last long, many bloom once then wilt. Need to be patient with fragrant plants when they choose to buds or not. Evergreens least of my headaches. I'm trying with a bonsai, hopefully it looks like bonsai :p - stones and deco slabs must have esp cover up grass areas that didn't grow well.

    I love taking evening walks to view neighbours' artistic gardens; in search of ideas, haha.

  2. Thanks Jaime for your thoughts - I too often take walks around my neighbourhood to seek ideas.


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