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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Curry Leaf Tree - Murraya Koenigii

It is truly a joy in cooking curry and freshly picking them and putting them while cooking the curry. The aroma of the curry together with the curry leaves just uplifts the appetite in having a good heartily meal.

I got this plant from my mother in law. As I said, I have a sudden urge to have a garden with useful plants (finally!! I guess my wife will agree with me this time) The only thing is this plant is growing ever so slowly, I wished it would speed up the growing as it look more like a miniature coconut plant than a curry leaf plant.

Another few more stripping and that will be the end of this plant.
I guess the lack of sun is making this plant grow slowly. Probably may reposition this plant to a sunny area.

Tips: They like full sun & very well drained soil.


  1. This plant grows much better in ground where it can spread roots. In my garden, the underground runners sprout new plant everywhere. If you do not want the plant sprouting all over, try using some root barrier.The flowers are gorgeous and smell citrusy sweet. The black seed is like a small berry.

  2. Becky NY USA

    I ordered a curry leaf plant to come in the spring. I hope I can care for it . I'm looking forward to cooking with it! Mine will have to stay in a pot. I found your post helpful!

  3. Anonymous - Yes, I agree they are better planted on ground compared to a potted plant.

    Becky - Good luck in your curry plant. They do need good ammount of sunlight to thrive. May to a follow-up on this curry leaf plant, do look out for it.


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