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Monday, June 22, 2009

Aloe Vera

I got these aloe vera from my mum.
She loves growing Aloes but rarely used it.
Matured aloes at this size are rare to get here, even in market places there are rarely sold.
(or only the leave fillets are sold)

Aloe Vera is considered a natural herbal medicine for many ailments. I had many times cut this leaf (fillet) and placed in water and drink it, but it taste terrible. (for me)I also used the gel (sap from the leaf) to apply on my face and on my head but I noticed my skin colour had gone darker than usual.

Tips in planting Aloe Vera:
1) The roots do not go deep on the soil, rather “they” remained at the surface of the pot.
2) They are succulent, too much water will cause root rot and will kill the plant.


  1. Aloe Vera to me is a simple solution to all problems..
    aloe vera in general has a lot of benefits. its useful in many problems in many ways. i read this article on Aloe Vera n its really good.. try it.. it could help..in short me in lov with it..
    Aloe Vera

  2. Oi, Internet Explorer died while I wrote this...

    Let me try again!

    "Hi James!

    You should try to grow and sell that aloe there--it seems like you could have a niche market!

    Also, I'll point you to here, where Mr. Subjunctive has a post on houseplant toxicity with information about aloe. It can cause skin irriation in some people, as well as diarrhea etc. if ingested. There is extra information about it in the comments, as well as a link to a site that shows how to properly get the good stuff out of aloe.

    All the best!

  3. Thanks Jasmine & Kenneth for your thoughts.

    I had planted few pots of aloes before but they are slow growers, it would take months for them to come to a matured size. Too much water kill the plant but lack of water makes the leaves thin, so the balance is little tricky.

    I actually sold this 3 aloe plants to my wife's friend who wanted to use it for his hair growth tonic - so far he says it works, very happy about it.


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