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My Vertical Garden Wall


Friday, February 4, 2022

Alocasia Longiloba


This particular Alocasia is considered very much a native plant grown naturally surrounding the Southeast Asia regions and in most cases are not considered as an ornamental plant - It may be cultivated among collectors however this variety were not sold exclusively as a house plant. 

There are few varieties of this particular type spanning from red back leaf, stripped banded stem to the highly sought after "Grandis" variety - however, due to the post trending plants - these have now had burst it's trend bubble and those who may had invested on purchasing these types of plants may face a dilemma of over supply and huge price drop resulting with competition and losses.

These are considered common and easily available plants growing easily by the roadsides and surround areas. Locally known as Alocasia longiloba "kampung" / keladi kampung - these joined together in the band wagon then with other sought after Alocasia during  trending days.  

The one I'm cultivating appears to be slightly faded in their foliage features - very much having the same features like Alocasia Polly - however this one is rather toned down in colors and features. These do tend to grow slightly larger and robust given the right conditions.

I'm cultivating this very much in the conditions where I'm observing the plant growth conditions and see how their behavior in various conditions and places - so far, this is the only location that they managed to survive - hence, I had introduced the rest of the prized Alocasia plants in this location.

When it comes to light, watering, medium, feeding and pest control - it appears to be very much similar basic care and maintenance for all Alocasia species.

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