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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Alocasia Cuprea 'Red Variety'


Among all other Alocasia plants this one has a distinct appearance like a shield or 6 pack abs. that truly give an interesting look. This one is native to Borneo and also considered as a Jewel Alocasia. This appears to be a larger version of a cuprea where the plant can grow into considerable size when it receive a good optimum growing factor.

Also commonly known as Mirror Plant. It has a bright green with coppery hues, lighter sunken veins with reddish undersides. I have come across 3 different varieties of this kind. This particular variety is the the Red Variety.

Another common Green Variety is also been in circulation among plant enthusiast and vendors - however they do sell the tubers with affordable prices however it can be challenging to note whether the ones sold are of the desired colors as I understand most of which these may be poached from the wild and sold in bulk prices. 

Again, these may also be quick to succumb to tuber rot as they were not acclimated for lowland climate conditions - all the more as ornamental plants since if they are collected from the wild - most likely these were taken from highlands almost with temperate climate zones. 

However, those were the days were these were considered rare plants and highly sought after during trending times - now they all must reverted back to the normal affordable prices in the plant market currently.

When it comes to light, watering, medium, feeding and pest control - it appears to be very much similar basic care and maintenance for all Alocasia species.

This particular picture is taken during the night time with the flash on. You can able to note the red sheen in appearance - shining by the foliage.

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To check on the Main Page Concerning Different Types of Jewel Alocasia:


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