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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Monday, October 21, 2013

Plants & Creepers among Pebbles

Have you ever had a sense of abandonment
when it comes to plants?
More often when I find that I'm pressed for time and I truly lack the zeal to garden, and often times its faithfully rains every time I keep aside the time I want to garden.
(it just feel so desperately hopeless)

And in these moments I find that
10 minutes gardening a day seemed to work.
Stash, Poke, Press and Plant Quickly on a Temporary basis
until a plant pick up seemed to work for me.

I wouldn't say temporary abandonment seemed like a true word for gardening. Another person might just that I'm just being plain lazy. (Ouch!)
I wonder if I'm the only one who is going through this ordeal.

Hundred things will be on my mind and when I just enter into my house but it would be the first thing that I would say that I want to water my garden of which I end up doing the very last thing before I go to bed.

Priority shift when I'm rushing to work fighting for seconds in the morning rush while my wife locking down the gate and I will be furiously spraying my plants,
"Just a second dear.. this is the last one"
And yes - I'm running late to send her to work too.

I wonder anyone goes through my ordeal.
I must be a terrible gardener but my plants still forgive me.

I got 2 pots of Fittonia.
Mosiac Plant

The pink one a year back when my son brought a plant for parents day. He was insisting that it was his plant and that I should take care of it. I doubt whether he still remembers it.
(Again -there is another host of other things in my mind now that I need to settle and sort within the family)

The red were bought during Mother's Day this year when I took my mum to the nursery when I manage to get an air plant with it.

(Its Tillandsia Medusa Caput -very much a trunk and bare burned leaves due to the very hot season - I got it for a slash price...Lucky me. I bought roses and another flowering plant for my mom that its name seemed to escape my mind - well - both died in her garden)

So - yeah.. I'm still figuring out why it didn't work for her when she got lots of time to caress her garden compared to me.
Gardening is indeed so unfair.

And these Fittonias didn't have a nice pot yet.
They are indeed poked and pressed in nook,
and corners of few potted plants.
Sharing here with a miniature pineapple.
I had Dyckia years back here before but it died due to mealy bug infestation underneath its roots system.
It got rotten from inside out - by the time if was found - it was too late to safe anything.
(Ohh.. those darn farming ants)

Well for consolation sake - I think it had lived a happy life in my garden - the dyckia was rescued from a dump burning site.

Actually I wanted to write about how you can garden on mere pebbles. That by putting the plant there - it would just thrive without much care.
I wanted to start writing with that note.

But being me - I want to make it sound more human and realistic that all is not so often follow the chain of command - that each and every gardeners do have good times and bad times.
In my case - well.. Coping with hard times and so the result of survival is indeed satisfactory.

A clump of baby tears (Pilea Depressa)

It was sort of rescued from my friend who was giving away his flowerpots and this one was barely clinging unto the dry patched soil that came together with the pot. I was not sure whether this one would survive.
So its in ICU now and I think - well.
Its survived for sometime now.

I would totally admire the resilience of this plant.
Wandering Jew (Zebra Tradescantia)

Totally recommend it to any new gardener who literally have no time gardening. This type has a violet glow when they receive a good sunlight. I have been neglecting this one too seriously and now I have to take some measure to make sure it survives.

Sometimes the problem with this one is that it doesn't stay put in the garden - always crawling and creeping off from their hope planted pot. The other part of its unpredictability is they are quite leggy and messy to begin with.

I haven't found this creeping plant name yet.
It does however share the same survivors instinct.
I once thought I totally lost this plant as it really didn't make it no matter how much care was given to it.
A small sprig was placed here for insurance of having this species in my garden.
And so here it is - still doing well.

The other one is in the hanging pot.
(picture below)

I finally manage to find this one's ID though.
Creeping Charlie (Pilea Nummulariifoia)

I often get friends thinking that it is such a wonderful mint plant only to be fooled that it is not. I was disappointed too when the smile fade from my friends face when they thought they know something and end-up wrong..
Some wanted to proof me wrong - pinch the leave to smell the fragrance - well..
(they are still wrong - no fragrance)

So yeah...
Pilea can be such a deceiver..
it should be renamed as False Mint Plant
but I guess they are better known as Creeping Charlie.

Another deceiver I would recommend are Flame Violets
(Episcia sp.)
They don't do permanently on hanging pots.
Eventually they succumb to maturity and death.
That's why - this one need constant attention of propagation - miss a season and that's the end of this species.

But they do so well as ground covers.
And here is the trick.
They are so happy sitting between pebbles.

This one (pic below)
Is tucked between the gate and the pillar.

Trailing Water Melon Begonia (Pellonia Repens)

Another trickster - they are often sold in nursery where those hanging leafy vines are cascading gloriously layers after layers only to find after few months - those layers tend to wilt or burn or turn soggy with rottenness.

These are conditioned now to withstand that situation.
And just like melons, they live up for the name given to them.
Its all discovering the gardening secrets.

And yes,
Its tough but unlocking them during these time of abandonment and ordeals of tonnes of chores needs attention.
It makes gardening worthwhile.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Beautiful plants and love the way you planted these creepers and shrubs. That false mint is a beauty.

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