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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


As an experienced gardener.
One of the rule of the thumb about getting a plant in a garden is to study first whether the plant can handle your garden climatic change from their natural environment.
Understanding a fact that airplants - Tillandsia  is practically from the other side of my world.
(native to Central & South America)

I was worried and hanged the plant upside down
as it would not collect water in the centre crown less it would cause crown rot.
The plant however proved me wrong.
The plant managed to turn itself down side up and with the twist which is visible between the old & new.
I know now - this plant is a survivor.

My closest guess - getting a help from FB Tillandsia group:
Tillandsia Xerographica

I bought this one together with the (top picture) for about RM30.
About RM15 each - if I can recall it well.
Then this piece was together in one bundle
but way too small to be separated into this 3 pieces.
Now the offsprings look like the parent plant
- all had grown up well.

My closest guess - getting a help from FB Tillandsia group:
Tillandsia Stricta

I got this too for RM15.
I'm guessing this is Tillandsia Caput Medusae.
It was in a bad shape - the tips are all burned and blunt.
It was during a very hot dry season where it hardly rained.
I checked out a nursery and found this piece - all was nothing except the trunk.
Managed to slowly nurse it back to health and it had finally gave me a beautiful little bloom.

Read somewhere that once its flower
- it would slowly give out pups.
And indeed it did.
I had tied it up on a driftwood as I would like to fill it up nicely instead of bunching up like a ball.

A friend of mine had passed me a small piece to try out.
This is one the pieces fell off from her clump.

Being so excited when I found that there are about 10 plants in a bunch sold for RM38 of which I bargained for RM35.
I know easily a piece can easily cost RM15
(or at most bargained it would be RM10)
This one for RM35 (with 10 plants in a bunch) is truly worth the offer.

The shop owner have no tips to offer.
He did mentioned of course that it is an airplant
and it doesn't require soil.
These are imported from Thailand.
I'm suspecting that they were roughly handled
as some of the leaf tips are broken.
Regardless - its still the best offer for a beginner to try them out. (someone like me)

My closest guess - getting a help from FB Tillandsia group:
Tillandsia Ionantha sp.


Anonymous said...

in your case, green fingers are inherited whereas in mine, green fingers are cultivated....haha, how i envy the ease you have with plants

Alistair said...

James, your plant from the other side of the world is not only a survivor, it also looks good.

James David said...

Hey! Thanks..
That's something I never thought about it..

James David said...

Being cautious in getting the right plant in my garden Alistair.
I have phobia seeing plants die under my care.

Stephanie said...

I am amazed by your passion for air plants! Every time when I see them, I was so so tempted to get another. Good thing they are very versatile and can be mounted or hanged. I suppose if you hang them then you save a lot space. I love how they look upside down and turning upwards. They look like beautiful! Enjoy your efforts and have a great weekend! cheers, Stephanie

Jean Campbell said...

Tillandsias show you which way they want to grow. Their roots are for clinging; they get water and nutrients from the air, so they have those cups you turned upside down to catch a little moisture. They managed, anyway. You don't have to worry when the original plant dies, it leaves behind plenty of pups before it dries up.

James David said...

Thanks Stephanie.
I would like to see your airplants too.
And yes - they save a lot of space when I find a spot to hang them in my garden.

James David said...

Thanks Jean for the tips.
Appreciate your thoughts very much.

Mystic Dreamer said...

These grow wild here on high branches.

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