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My Vertical Garden Wall


Thursday, March 4, 2010

White Connection - March 2010

I had previously planted cactus on this pot but something happened (probably over watering or over-feeding and that killed the whole lot) and I have decided to plant tropical ones on them.

They have managed very well together but now one had overgrown on the other. The mondo grass and spider plant had totally drowned by the dumbcane plant. In fact there are 2 different species of the common type here - one with the variegated green and cream and the other totally cream with green borders.

I had found another zig-zag with the white tinge and pressed it here, they look so "plastic" also I had placed the maranta tuber(never never plant) and they had sprouted in the midst of the competition. I'm still wondering whether to continue to keep the lop-sided plants or uproot all of them and properly plant them for more better spacing and presentation.

What do you think?

Anyway these are the link of the earlier progress of this white variegated collection:

1) The White Connection - Update (October 2009)
2) The White Connection (August 2009)


Anonymous said...

Hi James~~ Yeah, I have to admit things look a wee crowded there. I think if it were me I'd go ahead and separate the bigger plants. They are beautiful and it would be a shame to lose them.

Bob Ewing said...

I agree, sometimes a bit of seperation is required.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Hi James; the arrangement is pretty and interesting. You might use a much bigger pot, if you do not want the plants to overgrow and tangle into each other, which is in a way pretty too. Anyway for the time being it looks fine. I like all your variations in coloured leaves. They are an attractive lot to cherish.
Thank you for your blotanical fave;

Steve Asbell said...

Crazy idea, but have you considered using something contrasting like a black mondo grass to make the variegated plants pop? After you get a bigger pot of course... maybe 2 pots instead, i dunno.

Stephanie said...

James! your combo has so many plants. I am amazed that they can grow together so well. I am not good with combos, they just do not look nice after a while. But yours look ok. I haven't tried all green combination before though. It would be interesting to see your progresses. Good luck with your remodelling of this combo (if you decided to do so!) :-D

Noelle Johnson said...

Hi James,

I love the variegated foliage of many of the plants. If I were you, I would separate them as well. Your plants will be happy :^)

Meredith said...

I would separate them, James, especially the two dumbcanes (is that really their name?), because I would want to show off the two forms. Especially the pure white one with green veins is lovely and should be featured, I feel. :)

Autumn Belle said...

Me too, James. I think separation is the best option for this team of beauties. They will look much better when grown in its own container. Your foliage plants are very lush and green.

lotusleaf said...

The variegated plants are all pretty, but the time seems to have come now to separate them.

Wendy said...

great variegated foliage! At this point, I'm sure everyone's convinced you to separate! I think featuring one or two in a container would really highlight that beautiful foliage.

Jacqueline said...

Sometimes I just love seeing how nature takes over control when plants are left untended! You have such a beautiful crowd there, though a little overcrowded, James. I like how you've placed a pot of lovely dark-leaved begonias on the left for sharp contrast!

James David said...

Grace, Bewing, Titania, Noelle, Autumn Belle, Lotusleaf & Wendy.
Yes, I guess all of you had convinced me that its a better option to separate the overgrown plants to survive & thrive.

Rainforest Gardener - I would love to have the black mondograss but never seen them anywhere sold or planted here in my region. Probably would look for some alternatives.

Stephanie - I found that some plants are such a slow grower and may be very attractive when placed together in combo's. (especially the coleus) Its my new experiment and somehow they seemed to be doing good so far. I had done combo with moss rose but some species had dissappeared and another had overpower them - so, its a risk you have to take in the experiment. (always keep spare in another pot for stock)

Meredith - They are often known by their botanic name - Dieffenbachia but yes, the common name is Dumbcane
(do click on the Dumbcane list on the right-side for more interesting info)
There are so many varieties of this kind and many more varigated types are been introduced time to time. This one that you see are less significant. Thanks for your idea.

Jacqueline - Yes, the contrast is lovely, its more obvious if they are set together in a combo, just couldn't find that very dark plant in this mix. Begonias do not survive or thrive well in combo's. (unless they are very hardy and able to handle competition)

Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Anonymous said...

james, your garden very beautiful...

Stephanie said...

Spare... that's right! It's a great idea.

J.C. said...

I enjoy the different green tone and patterns of the foliages in this pot. I find the dumbcane plant is attractive!

Abehjha - New York said...

James thanks for sharing your knowledge and love of plants. I think they all look quite nice bunched together and especially like the dark red of the Begonia. You've got me wondering whether I can get one to grow in my moderately lit New York apartment.

James David said...

Abehjha - Thanks for your lovely comment.
I would suggest try the real hardy types and see how well they do.
You can try mother of thousands (they are very hard to kill)

This are the list:
Devil's Ivy, Dumbcane, Mother in law tongue, lucky bamboo, Draceana, Ti plant, Wandering Jew, Zig zag plant.
Because they are indoors, do watch out for over-watering as they are No.1 killer for most plants.
If you have found a plant of your liking & would like to try it out - do check the list of plant labels at the righthand side and check the details.
Hope this helps.

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