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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ixora to be Rescued

Considering the amount of plants rescued, I can safely say almost 90% of my garden plants are product of pruned, cast-aways and rescued ones. Especially this lovely ixora, it had grown so tall and became wild. There is 4 huge shrubs towering & falling over. It had been riddled with grasshoppers but the flowers seems to outshine the flaw.

I have manage to take as many cuttings as possible and had distributed to many of my office staff. It had been raining these few days and so I'm not very sure what are the condition of this place now (pic taken few weeks back) I had planted about 3 pots of these cuttings and all of them are doing fine.

You can see (the last pic) what I mean of abandoned houses - these are slowly being cleared row by row. Its a pity that they didn't think about taking these plants with them. There are another few more plants here which I haven't taken their pictures (curry leaf plant, draceana plant and a few others)


Stephanie said...

This ixora has a beautiful colour. I have propagate ixoras, they are easy to take root. They flower very fast. It is really a good plant to have. Good that you rescued this plant.

Btw, the flash rain destroyed many of my flowers and some plants. I hope your garden is still in shape. I have to nurse quite a number of 'injuries' for now ;-)

Autumn Belle said...

Good for you, James. Ixoras are hardy plants. They can stand being munched by grasshoppers and caterpillars. Why are the houses abandoned just like that?

Ami said...

Good rescue! I have the same red ixora in my front yard, which lost moajority of the leaves after our january freeze period. I hope I will see their blooming quite soon.

J.C. said...

A blessing in disguise for you when the previous house owners left the plants behind!! They may not feel those plants are precious to fellow gardening enthusiasts like us!!

Larry said...

I just discovered your blog- very nice. I enjoyed your comments on zephrantes which I grow in pots here in Wisconsin... looking forward to checking out your posts in the future! Larry

James David said...

Stephanie - thanks for the assurance on the propagation ixora - have not tried it by cuttings so this will be the first time.
Sorry to note about your garden plants, hope they recover soon.
Most of my garden plants are in the shade by the roof sheet at the porch entrance. I have not seen any damage so far.

Autumn Belle - These are railway quarters been evacuated and the land been cleared for new development. If you can see at the background, there is a flats there, that too had been evacuated and it the stage of demolition.

Ami - any news of spring yet in your region. Hope the frost is over.

JC - I agree with you, probably these had overgrown over time, I guess it must be months by now & so the plant had reached its full show.

LC - Welcome and thank you for your lovely comment. I had just visited your lovely blog.
Do drop by often.

Anonymous said...

I tried to propagate a ixora for the first time, and I guess I did something right. It has two new leaves blooming. I will post the results at a later time

Scha Iriney said...

oh wow I'm so happy to see some ixora topic here. I have a question though. Is it advisable to soak the ixora cutting inside water first for the roots to show up? I immediately put the cutting inside soil. water it. but no roots. The remaining leaves on the cutting have already started to dry out. can help me?

James David said...

I find that ixora plant is quite a difficult plant to grow from cuttings - most likely air-layering is the best option.
I doubt ixora root in water.
My best advice is to plant immediately in a potted medium before more leaves drops out.

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