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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Monday, August 10, 2009

Garden Update - August 2009

This is my overall garden tending during this season (August 2009) I'm thinking of closing my garden development and just maintain in watering and light care till end of this year. I already exhausted my of the garden space with many potted plants. I still got a few more to sort and set which I have no idea where to place them.

As for now, I would consider this the final thing. Hopefully, no inspiration strike me and make me to re-design the whole thing.

This side consist of my water garden, the water lily plant and water lettuce. The waterlily plant have settle in being a dormant plant. I was thinking of trimming off all the damaged, semi-dried leaves and put fertiliser for the next bloom. May only do that, after sorting all the mess that is not shown at the other side of the garden.

My tiny fish is surviving in those pool, thanks to them, there is no mosquito infestation. The green background is something I'm still considering whether to change it or not. But to remove and relocate it requires space which I do not have. Its a pity to give it away as I have yet to enjoy the hibiscus & the water jasmine flowers or fragrance.

Plants that can be noted:

a) Spanish Moss - they look so beautiful in the morning, so much like a weeping willow type of scenerio.

a) Those in small pots & blue containers - Hanni.
b) The white & green - Varigated Bougainvilla

My central portion of the garden is slowly getting crowded. I'm feeling good about it as it gives the explosion of colours and that is a good sign. What is troublesome is unpredictability. Not sure what is going to outgrow next or die first, especially coleus - they are very short term, may only thrive in 3-4 months period time.
And too much of anything can kill them (water, sun or fertiliser)

My planter box had reached the glorious moment, it was not like that when I first started it, they look all exposed earth (brown) and gaps here and there. Now the coleus reigns.

a) Balsam (not yet flowered)
b) 3 different types of painted Nettle (Coleus)
c) top right corner - Dumbcane varigated.
d) lower right corner - Purple Queen
The side face of the garden, here begonia rules.
Cane begonia and the curled leaf begonia give colour together with the hanni (drawf looking mother of tongue plant) I had placed a periwinkle in the midst, they give me a pee-a-boo effect when they bloom in these foliage.

The hanging flame violet are very grand now, hopefully they continue as I'm concerned that they are reaching their maturity stage where the whole plant dies. Still hoping that it last as long as it can support the weight and its collection of tendrils and floral.

Here is a pocket of plants which I'm still working on
a) Green Tradescantia - centre below
b) 2 pots of Pandan plant
c) a small bird nest fern plant - passed by my office mate (she often weeds these out and passed to others)
d) Back - Maiden Hair Fern.

This is the story of Wormwood marrying the Lucky bamboo (varigated type)
Dracaena sanderiana, known as Ribbon Dracaena, Lucky Bamboo, Belgian Evergreen or sometimes Ribbon Plant. It is also can be artificially made into spirals - often sold for decorations.
I did mention before that they are doing fine and all. I still admire the mix, noticed this morning some of the bamboo leaves are drying up. Need to prune them in these few days time.

My sad story of crown rot (ground orchid/palm orchid) because of over fertilising, I manage to salvage what is left over of the damage. Like a half burnt coconut tree. Somehow, they survived and I'm feeling grateful that I didn't loose the whole plant because of my mistake.

I have temporarily place these cattleya orchids here, may need to reposition them for their optimum light and wellness, that is once I settle the rest.

This is the outside part of my garden, I didn't realise how messy it looked now. With all the small containers and pots for little plants, they have found a place to grow and bloom. I guess its time to stop planting new plants and maintain what I have now.
Ohh.. I wished I have more space to garden.
The challenge now is to make them look neat and tidy.

Finally at the side gate:
a) Top left : Squirrel foot fern
b) bottom stretch: Petticoat fern & Boston fern
c) Centre: Madagascar Periwinkle
d) Top right: Reed orchid


Sunny said...

What a wonderful assortment of plants in your garden. Very nice pictures.
Sunny :)

anjilala said...

your photos as usual are beautiful,they show the love you put into your garden, and into each plant within it. wow I am surprised you don't have daffodils, mine are just starting to come out, will take some pics for you :-)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Well, James, I must confess that by nature I am not such a neat and tidy person, but I didn't see anything that looked messy to me in your photos. Your plants look happy to be where they are. Of course, since you don't have much space, it's probably good to rearrange from time to time for the fun of it and to do maintenance on the plants.

I enjoyed your post about rescuing the plants, too. I hope they thrive for you.

James David said...

Sunny - thanks for your thoughts. Glad that you like the pictures.

Anjilala - Thank you, I really look forward for the daffodil's development. I'm sure its very exciting to see so many blooms coming out at once!! wow, I can't even imagine it - how wonderful it would be...

Sue - You are so kind in saying that I have been keeping the garden neat. I guess what I show in the pictures are very much the nice ones probably I cannot bear the mess myself.

I hope too that those plants survive, they don't seemed to show any improvement so far.

Anonymous said...

I love your hanging moss, I tried to grow it but it really is too cold here :D

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

That hanging moss is long, almost a fancy curtain..

Carla said...

First, let me say thank you so much for the kind words you said about my blog.
I really enjoyed this post. What beauty! Are you really training your begonias up stakes?? WOW! I think I could sit and admire these spots for quite a while!! So nice to meet you James.

Jacqueline said...

Wow! James, I'm really impressed with your marvelous assortment of many to care and yet so healthy-looking. Your lovely pics speak a thousand words of your passion and love of gardening. Keep it up!

Love that magnificent Spanish Moss, not successful for us, though. Love the slabs and pebbles too. We had to get rid of ours early this year because the garden rats came dirtying the whole of our frontyard...aargh!

Hmm...mainly potted like mine in limited space...that's both our dilemma, yes? :-D

Have fun gardening!!

James David said...

Barry & Bangchik - Its easy to take care when they are long, When I first got this Spanish Moss, it took me years to continously water them and often times they dry-up and fall away.

Carla - Thanks Carla for visiting my blog, you are most welcome.

Jacq - Thanks for your thoughts, I also admire your beautiful garden and likewise feel the same way too about your garden.

Thank you all, Guess when we encourage each other, that's what gives us the zeal to push ourselves in better gardening.

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