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My Vertical Garden Wall


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Fury of the Fire Serpent

“Fredrick, you must warn the council immediately!! ”,
Mariposa insisted as she dashed from the woods to warn him about the impending danger.

“Ohh.. come on,
you must be over exaggerating, all of the serpents had been slain by the knights”
with after thought,

“Even then, the remnants would have migrated to the Eastern Forest as they would have sought refuge there. It could be the drought that might have caused it, it didn't rain for some time? ”

“No, Fredrick, it must be the Sign. There can't be burned scar marks randomly here and there.
If what you say is true, there is another sign that accompany this the haze that never seemed to disperse. You must report this before its too late”

There was no sunlight for days, the flowers and plants was assigned to them to take care, It was a small assignment actually concerning the size of the garden and number of plants to be taken cared. Most of the work was done by the owner of the garden who was oblivious about these fairies and their work.

Fredrick took a sip from the flame violet nectar at the breakfast table, while contemplating what to do next and there was a knock on the door.

“Who is it?”
“The Winged Messenger's from the Council” came the reply.

Mariposa was furious,
“I told you to meet the council, now see what have you done. Quick, get the report and tell them that you are delayed as you were tending the birth of the seeds and overlooked the disaster”

She cleared the table and opened the door and was surprised to note the visitor.
“You are new here are you?”

“How did you know?” as he brushed the dust off.

“Well, it always the butterfly or the bees but you came mounting with a sunbird”

“I don't have time for this, I need Fredrick to come with me, the Council urgently require of him. As for now, the Gardener thinks that it is his fault on over fertilising it but now the matter is far greater than speculated.”

“So, its not the Gardener's fault, then was I guess must be true, the serpent had came back for vengeance! ”

“Ohh.. do shut up, Posa. You and your imagination” Fredrick retorted,
“Ok, lets go, see what the council have to say about the damage”
Fredrick took some supplies and mounted with the messenger flew off.

A moment later, there was another knock on the door.

“Who is it?”
“Its the messenger from the Council, its me Mariposa, flyfly.
I came to warn Fredrick about an impostor”

(to be continued...)

Ok, I have made that up.. I don't want to be too technical about my plants and say this what happens when one fertilise one's plant and get burned.

Actually I have no idea that a non-organic fertiliser can cause this damage. I only use a teaspoon of the red sphere shaped fertiliser and this what happens.

Been flushing the fertiliser off with lots of water these two days - hopefully my ground orchid survive. Also the other plant (Star Cluster) also got burned because of this. I guess I have to use this fertiliser very carefully (very small amount and only for selective plants)

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