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Welcome to My Little Garden

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Seasonal Blooms.

These orchids are the giant version of the normal Oncidium ones.
It was passed to me by my friend (pity his parent plant died)
I had doubts about this one as it is quite sensitive but somehow it had pulled through and gave me this enormous giant flowers!

These are the white Oncidium.
The normal ones are in yellow.
They too had started blooming during these rainy season.

These Blackberry lily had made a come back after a very long silence.
Its blooming together with my Yellow Walking Iris.

This had been passed to me by my friend and it is blooming so beautifully.

 I had kept it in shade earlier but it never bloomed.
And it took awhile to get adjusted after few months before all these blooming.
I just love the flower bud - it reminds me of some berries.
These Powderpuff suppose to attract the nectar loving birds - but I have yet to see them drinking from these.

This is another species of Bleeding Heart Vine.
It is not doing so well for quite a long time until now.
Hopefully its grows and matures like the white counter-part as I would love to have a variety with this kind.

Finally Bush Clock Vine (below)
Its not actually a vine more like a bush.
It had finally started to give lots of blooms.
Earlier just like the Powderpuff plant - it was kept in shade and it rarely flowered.
Now it is just give so much grace with the blue blooms.


  1. James, I would gladly trade you some of my hydrangeas for some of your orchids!
    I've never heard about a Bleeding heart Vine!

    1. Well, I would too gladly..
      If we were close by.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hi James, Beautiful photos. I love your orchids and the pink powder puff is gorgeous! I have this Bleeding Heart Vine. It likely won't survive the winter so I've got to bring it inside. It really likes the heat. It wasn't until it got hot last summer that mine started to grow. If you can put yours in a space where it gets hot it will probably take off.

    You asked about the berries on my blog. No, none of these are edible to humans. The birds enjoy them though. Thanks for visiting. Always a pleasure to see what's going on in your neck of the woods. Take care.

    1. hi Grace,
      When it is hot - its very hot and most of my garden plants get burned.
      And so - its a bit difficult to get the right balance.
      Thanks too for the lovely comments.
      As you said - its always a pleasure to see what another gardeners doing in her garden.

  3. I enjoy looking at the array of flowers in your garden. You must have showered them with love as they are now rewarding you with their beauty.

    1. If you are referring to Golden Shower Orchids.
      It truly worth every drop of those love.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Have enjoyed looking through your blog.....lots of lovely plants... Blackberry lily is new to me....will have to look that one up. Your pictures give me memories of my two months exploring Malaysia two years ago.....I must have been near your place as I visited the Batu Caves.....going out there by local train. Aloha from Hawaii

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Stellamarina.
      Great to know that you had visited Malaysia and Batu Caves.
      If I knew you very much earlier - I would had invited you to come over to my garden.
      Have a great day.


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