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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Trip to Sg.Buloh Nurseries

I had many times when my gardening friends ask me of the location where I go to the nursery in Sg.Buloh to purchase cheap (if not reasonable priced) plants. It take a bit of direction but somehow its difficult to convey when like giving direction as I'm asking them to go to South Africa and they ending up in Madagascar.

Well - its not that exaggerated but that how it feels when direction gets (well - misdirected)
And sadly a gardener lands in one strange island somewhere when a nursery charges 2X or 3X compared to the reasonable or cheap priced plants.

OK getting back to the direction.
My landmark is the Sg.Buloh Hospital.
We shall use that as the first marker.
Here - just follow the signboard and just go straight along the mainroad.

Continue to go straight until you reach the
"Fakulti Perubatan & Pusat Pengajian Klinikal UiTM Kampus"
yes...all the way..

This is the junction to "Ipoh-KL" Interchange.
Don't turn left - just continue to go straight!

You will see the Hospital on the right-hand side of the road,
on the left you will see a field.

This is the Main Hospital Entrance.
(I just want to get the title... damn mobile phone camera's!!)

And yes - I find it soo hard to rotate this (stupid) picture!!!
You will find another signboard directing you to the Masjid - follow this signboard.

Following the road - you will start to see nurseries selling plants and pots along the streetsides.
(I didn't manage to take many - most of the pictures are in bad quality)

This is the essential landmark: Sungai Chembong.

There is a small river and a bridge that leads to the nurseries.
You need to turn left once you see this.
(The signage to the Masjid continues to lead straight but you need to turn left here)

Once turning left you will come to the place called:
Dewan Orang Ramai
Beside it is the big signboard giving full details
of all the nurseries in that stretch.

There is a Buddhist Temple at the end of the road.
 You can make a U-turn there if you are driving all the way as there is a small round-about inside the perimeter.

Or you can just park alongside of this road
(also some parking space at the Dewan Orang Ramai area)

(Its a good idea to park it here during weekends as too many cars and lorries goes in & out making the road very tight and create a very heavy traffic - a small 2 way road becomes one-lane & everyone squeezing in & out; not worth the trouble)

The "Dewan Orang Ramai" visible after turning to the left together with the big signboard.

This is the first nursery shop where I buy my air-plants for RM35.00.
This is how the nursery looks like.
( I wonder why they called themselves florist - its a nursery...Hmmmm)
And of course - there is a telephone number on it.
So just in case if you get lost - just call them for directions.

(opps.. sorry again - find it soo difficult to rotate this picture)

The airplants priced at RM38.00.
You can bargained them for RM35.00 for a clump.
Can you see how many of them are hanged here - there are 3 rows - back & front of Tillandsia Ionantha species. Some nurseries sells them each pieces for RM15-RM20.
Here - you can find 10 pieces in a clump for RM35.00 - that means each is at RM3.50.
That is a big deal don't you think?

There is a dead-end at the end of the road except the Buddhist Temple all the way in.
Here you can make your U-turn inside to get back on the main road.

Bon Voyage on the Air-plant hunt!


  1. I have been there a few times before. I must say that my favorite orchids/plants nurseries are the ones at OUG.

    1. Yes,
      I came to know that they specialise in orchids.

  2. Hi , where can i buy holy basil ?

  3. Thanks for sharing! Will be making a trip. (Ann, KL)

  4. at lastttttttt... landed here. at this date LOL. thanks so so much for sharing this.

    1. Glad you made it..
      Happy to help too.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. With many thanks James. The directions helped tremendously with the ongoing constructions around the area. (mei, kl)

  7. Hello James,

    Yesterday was my first time to the Sungai Buloh (ex leprosy centre) plant nurseries. Thanks to your picture guide I was able to locate the place pretty quickly.

    As for Fang Kiat, they didn't have that many varieties of outdoor plants and I couldn't find what I was looking for and got it after a quick run through of the nurseries further down the road (I still couldn't find the elusive Duke of Tuscany Jasmine..darn. James, you got me hooked on this one! Haha..) I only bought pots, soil and fertilisers from them. If you are looking for pots for soil based plants or aquatic they do have a quite a decent selection.

    Okay, for those tech savvies with GPS navigation you won't miss this place. Here are the exact coordinates:

    3.221498, 101.590225

    This is the starting point of your plant hunting adventure and where this nursery and the Dewan Orang Ramai. If you come for afar like myself, I suggest you go in the morning and take your time to check out the many offerings of plants, pottery, gardening tools and of course the prices and plant condition.


  8. What time does this nursery close?

  9. Hi, is there anything similar, yet closer to KL city center? I'm looking for outdoor plants - for balcony. Thanks a lot.

  10. Can anyone advice where I can buy succulent plants.

  11. Hai, Doyou sell Long Flowered Spider Lily


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