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Monday, October 28, 2013

Hot Red Blooms in the Garden

One of the joys of having this ground orchid is that its started blooming again after the 6 months blooming span. Its started after the 3 day heavy rain that took place this week with 2 new flower spike together with it.
I guess its a good thing to put them outdoor where they face the weather and spring forth new flower spikes.

 These pictures (below) are taken 2 weeks ago before the rainy season. Still going strong since May (6 months in bloom ever since)

The Spicy Jatropha had a major pruning session. It was terribly infected with mealy bugs together with the farming ants. I tried to controlled it with insecticide time to time but they seemed to get the upper hand every time and bring forth major disaster as the flowers and new-shoots started deforming.

This time after the pruning - I placed them outdoors where they ants have no easy access to them and now they are blooming profusely.

These miniature Anthurium don't seemed to get back to their major many blooms instead just one at a time. Seemed like they are happy that way - not getting into the lime light of blooming. Though it happens discreetly the bloom does last very long.

I finally found a good place to put my Fire Cracker Plant.
There is however a big problem faced with their cascading effect when it appear to fall all over spilling from a standing pot giving that drunkard messy look in the garden of that want not - throw not factor.

Here happily cascading for the Sun birds to drink its nectar from and they are happy to hold on those flower branches.

I had isolated this Crown of Thorns as they do prove very hostile when it comes to their spiky thorns.
Nevertheless, they are also giving their beautiful cream blooms which is normally rare during the rainy cloudy season.


  1. Those fine sprays of foliage/'firecrackers' look so wonderful James! Like it a lot!! Re anthurium, I have one growing in my garden right now. In fact I think the size of the shrub is same as yours also haha...! I just shift to another location and added some fertiliser last weekend. I hope it will produce more blooms. And as always, good job with the ground orchids :-)

    1. Thanks Stephanie.
      I know you got another colour variety too.
      Hope perhaps we can exchange of plants one day..


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