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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cool Blooms in my Garden

A friend of mine was clearing out most of his garden plants as he wants to focus very much in orchids. These are his collections which I had adopted in my garden. (There is another half more sitting in his garden which I still need to take which right now I'm truly lacking space)

These are blue flowering plants which I find truly rare compared to white & warm/hot colours (yellow, orange & reds) I guess it got to do with the UV colouring formation on the flower petals that makes the difference for the nectar loving insects to identify the "input" for them to drink the nectar from.

These hard pruned Golden Dewdrops (Duranta Erecta "Sapphire Showers") truly give a welcome show at the Gate Entrance. I placed them there as they need so bright sunlight for them to bloom. (A place where its getting tight to go & out of my house)

Blue Plumbago (Plumbago Auriculata) seemed to be a messy plant giving out spikes everywhere and when they do not flower - its truly a sore-eye. These too had a hard pruning which didn't do so well compared to Golden Drops.
Somehow it managed to pick up and gave couple of clustered flowers which is in a soft blue notes. Truly it is very ecstatic to see them bloom early in the morning.

My Mexican Sword Plant is blooming in shade place. Something truly a feat to note as these are very much too bloom when they receive a good bright sun on them. I guess sometimes you can get lucky. There will be small pups appearing at these flowers once they are spend.

Its another challenge whether to keep or discard them when these pups appear.

Finally after many months of keeping this plant. Powder Puff Plant had decided to bloom. These are the flowers in the bud formation. I always marvel at the berry like buds - I first thought it was actually a fruit after the flower had spend but its actually the reserve.

I guess these need good strong sunlight for it to bloom. Earlier I kept it in shade and its quite pathetic to see the leaf formation & its colours where weak and faint. Now appearing strong but it took few months to recover to this strong stage.
Not a Shade lover - I once thought.


  1. You take in orphan plants readily....if more were like you, this world would truly be a greener place. In a recent article posted by scientists, research shows gardening has a profound effect as a shield against mental illness. Malaysia is slated to chart a 10% increase in mental illness by 2020. Guess I'll stick around.

    1. Hahahahahahaaaaa...
      Mental illness - that is truly profound.
      (may I know your name and where you are from)
      There is too many anonymous that I'm not sure whether it is the same persons or different ones.


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