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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Cactus Garden - Final Part

This is the overall Cactus Garden. It had slowly growing over the years and filling up beautifully without turning into a jungle. I had not used any fertiliser for them as I had bad experience once where the most of the cactus start rotting.

Anyway, its nice to see these oasis of green cactus, thorny creatures dwelling at my balcony where they are visited once or two week once for watering purpose.

These are growing in a aquatic pot initially I planted waterlily but it was very sickly and the other factor of mosquito infestation where denggi is very high had lead me to this cactus arrangement.

The Roof  Experiment

This is my latest experiment of placing Green Tradescantia, Zebra Tradescantia and Mother of Thousand by the roof side. The do get watered by condensation water coming from the Air-Cond outlet that drips here.
It had been some months but no progress of strong growth so far. What can be considered is very much shows as survival factor kicked in for these plants.

Hopefully they show a favourable results.


  1. Looks like your collection of cactus has increased. Good luck with the Green Tradescantia. They only need very little soil to flourish. I think you must have know this already and that is why you are placing them there right?


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